Chapter 11 - Rising Dragon Saga (Part 2: Gale of Death)

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Author's note: Hello everyone and welcome back. This time around we have the debut of part 2 of the ongoing Rising Dragon Saga. After a couple of relatively small cameos in the last two chapters, this time around the spotlight belongs to none other than Mito Uzumaki, Naruto's biological sister. Moreover, parts of Nox's past and his plan start to be revealed.

Please beware that there is some sensitive content in the latter portion of the chapter. As such, reader discretion is advised.

Original "Dragon Knight" Story by: AZ23AJ

Written by: Mercer_am (Wattpad) / Merceram (

-Years ago-


It felt like an eternity had passed ever since they first met. Najenda still vividly recalled that one fateful evening from a few years ago when she was called to one of many Imperial camps. As per the norm, the youthful, white-haired general entered a secluded meeting room set amidst the backdrop of a large tent where nothing but a large world map lied on top of a rectangular table.

"The Northern tribes..." she pondered over the objective of that sudden meeting. Tonight the Empire's most talented strategists would decide the fate of over 400,000 lives. Najenda let out a heavy sigh as she put down a large case containing her very own Teigu; Pumpkin.

"You look tired, Najenda."

Like the sudden haunting of a ghost, Esdeath's voice caused the sharpshooter to jump up in surprise.

"Oh, it's you, " Najenda calmly spoke.

Entering the tent, Esdeath placed her hands down on the wooden table. "How was your unit's scouting mission?" she inquired.

"We're right on the money... one swift strike is all it will take to dismantle their villages, " Najenda explained. Esdeath nodded in response, but she mostly kept her attention on the map.

As the minutes dragged on, more members of the Imperial army joined the meeting. Notable among the small crowd was a tall, blonde man with stern facial features and broad shoulders that happened to suit his muscular frame. This man was Great General Budo. His presence put lower-ranking individuals on edge, but nevertheless, he kept his composure and only listened to the goings-on around him.

Alas, the curtains were closed and candles lit; thus giving way for Najenda to speak.

"The tribes might strike this location... our medical camp," she explained whilst pointing at the northernmost end of the map where most of those wounded in the war effort were kept.

"Hmm agreed. Imperial presence is fairly light due to its faraway location and treacherous terrain, but a coordinated platoon could reach it given enough time. In fact, I could have most of my men and the Three Beasts positioned in that area by midnight," Esdeath proposed.

"That would be great, but they will have to move out quickly and as a result, we won't have proper time to allocate supplies for the journey. Moreover, we're short-staffed as is, so we won't be able to send any more reinforcements afterward. And even if we did have the manpower, our true priority is the tribe's villages," Najenda calmly elaborated. It seemed it was all bad news nowadays.

"Well then, it seems they are more trouble than the Capital gave them credit for, " the busty ice queen admitted whilst frowning at the military's lack of competence. Likewise, Najenda sighed in equal disappointment.

Protecting the medical encampment would be easy enough. However, the Empire's leading class, and more specifically a certain fat pig, had other plans for the Northern tribes. Namely their complete annihilation.

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