The downfall

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Cameron POV
Hey my name is Cameron. I'm twenty one years old and going to Chapman university in California. Right now I'm heading home for the summer. Just graduated my junior year and I can't wait to be a senior.

"Hey mom I'm home" I say.
I close the front door.

"Hey honey, I'm making dinner right now can you set the table for me" mom asked.

"Mom I just got home and now you're making set the table" I say annoyed.

Mom lightly laughs as I start to put the plates over the place mats. My mom's phone buzzed and she picked it up. That's when she dropped it and started crying. I run over to her to see a photo of my dad kissing some other woman. That's when my dad walks into the kitchen. My mom gets up from the ground.

"Jonathan I can't believe you" she says through tears.

"What are you talking about sweetheart" my dad asks.

"Don't call me sweetheart you jerk" my moms says now sobbing.
She then shows my dad the photo her friend sent her.

"Look Mary it's not what you think" my dad says moving closer.

"Stay away from me we are getting a divorce" my mom replies as she leaves the kitchen to go upstairs.
I look back at my dad with tears now in my eyes.

"I hate you how could you do this to mom" I yell.

"Look honey I'm sorry" my dad says apologetically.
I run upstairs to go into my parents room. I see my mom sobbing and packing her stuff. She looks over at me.

"Honey pack your things we are leaving" my mom says softly.

"Mom where are we going to go" I ask concerned.

"My friend has extra room in her house in Nashville" she says continuing to pack her stuff.

"Mom are we seriously going to drive all of our stuff down to Nashville? And what about Rebecca?" I ask.

"Rebecca is at her friends house right now. I'll tell her what happened and text her the address. I'm sorry honey but this is our only option right now, and I can't be in the same house with that man."

"Ok" I say softly.
I start walking over to my room and packing my things. Then I remembered, what about college? I'm so close to graduating. I sigh and continue to pack my stuff. We pack all our stuff into the car and drive away.

Time skip 33 hours later

"Honey we are here" my moms says shaking me awake.
I groan and start to wake up. I see this huge mansion like house as we are parked in the driveway. I start to make my way outside and to the front door with my mom. She knocks on the door and this tall woman with long blonde hair.

"Karen! It's so good to see again" my mom says happily.

"Mary! I'm so sorry to hear what happened but I'm so glad you're here" this lady who I guess is names Karen.

"Karen this is my daughter Cameron" my mom says leading me to her.

"Oh my goodness it is lovely to finally meet you" she says shaking my hand.

"It is lovely to meet you too, and thank you for letting us stay at you're home" I say.
She smiles politely as she allows us to enter her home.

Time skip two hours later

It's is currently one in the morning and I can't sleep thinking about what my dad did. All of a sudden I hear the doorbell ring. Me, my mom, and Karen go downstairs to see who is at the door. Karen looks through the peep hole and sees my sister Rebecca there. She opens the door and Rebecca greets everyone.

"Hey sis how's it hanging?" Rebecca asks.

"Good how was the drive"

"Long" she says.
We both laugh.

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