Chapter 5

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So we got in the house and he tells me " I want Naengmyeon (cold noodles), you know how to cook right?" I nod my head but then add "But I haven't cooked that dish".

He rolls his eyes and comes to the kitchen. "I'll show you, you know I am a whole pack. Handsome, intelligent, and I know how to cook! No wonder you like me so much."

I got pissed, "I don't like you and I never will!" Then we started cooking together. You see, I have never cooked with another person so when he got close to me I got really nervous and started getting red. Even though he isn't the nicest person he is handsome. But he can never know I think so or he will tease me forever.

Then I lost it when we were mixing together, he was behind me, literally on top of me, and our hands were touching. I started sweating, "I think I need a break it's too hot in here!" Then he gave me a hug and my heart was beating like I just ran 100 miles.

"Yah! What you do that for?!" Then he smiled, "Too see your reaction, and you are totally into me." I quickly got away from him, "Aniyo! It's just you are one of the first guys who've hugged me!"

Then we finished cooking and I was about to leave when he grabbed my hand, "Do you want to stay for dinner?" I mean that is what I had planned but after what happened earlier I am not too sure I want to be here alone with him.

"I don't know, should I?" The he said, "I mean why not?" So I just sat down, I mean whatever, it's free food. Then we started eating and then we drank a bit. Later, we started watching a romantic movie, I don't know why I picked that. We drank more, I mean I drank more, or at least that's what I remember.

Jin's POV
She started getting sleepy so I carried her to the guest room so she can sleep, she seemed really tired.

I watched her sleep a bit but then her phone started ringing and I left the room with it so she wouldn't wake up.

It said "Eomma" and I remembered she was grounded so I picked it up.

"HA SOOMIN! Why are you so late? Come home right now!"
She was tired and it's time her mom knew about me so I just responded.

"Ah, this is your daughter's friend, Kim Seokjin, you might know me because I'm from a kpop group or because my family owns a hotel franchise. But your daughter is with me and she felt really tired so I let her sleep in the guest room. Don't worry I won't do anything and she can go to school with me tomorrow."

All I heard was a bit of screaming, and then her mom told me, "Take good care of her and thank you!"

Then we hung up, that was easy!

I sat down at the couch in the living room when I remembered we had homework. I didn't want to wake her up to do her homework and my homework, so I just did both. After, I went to sleep.

Soomin POV
"WAKE UP UGLY!" I heard but I thought I was dreaming so I just kept my eyes closed when I felt someone get close to me and whisper in my ear, "Get up Soomin, or do you want a kiss?"

The moment I heard that, I opened my eyes and Jin was right there looking at me. "Yah, why am I here?"

He just looked at me, "I am the one that should be asking you why you are here AT MY HOUSE?"

I checked the time and screamed. It was 6:00 am so that means I spent the night here. OMG! What is my mom going to do to me?

"Uh, Jin I have to go home now, I mean my mom is" Then Jin interrupted, "Oh don't worry, she called you and I answered, I told her you will go to school with me so don't worry."

I just wanted to die right there, "YOU DID WHAT NOW?" He smiled at me, "You should be thanking ME, if it weren't for me your mom would of ripped you into little pieces."

I didn't even want to ask what he told my mom so I just stood up and went to the bathroom.

"Yah, what am I supposed to wear, I don't have another uniform for today!" He threw me one of his uniforms and I had to deal with it. I mean I had no other choice.

Then we ate cereal for breakfast and he started asking a lot of questions.

"Hey, why were you grounded?"

I just sighed, "Because of the call the principal gave my mom."

Then he nodded, "Why do you never talk about your dad?"

I looked into his eyes, "It's just my parents got divorced when I was little so I live with my mom."

"Oh" he said so I just replied, "Don't feel sorry I don't miss him" I said and showed a fake smile.

I really don't miss him, like obviously I wished my dad was with me but I have never needed him. My mom was sad at first but we all moved on so everything is just normal.

We were ready to leave when I remembered about the homework.
"Uh Jin, I kind of didn't do our homework...." I looked down waiting for him to scream at me.

"Oh I know, I did it, I even did yours too! Wow, I am such a nice person, I should win a trophy for that."

I smiled and thanked him, wow he can be nice when he wants to.

Then we got in his limousine, it was so big and comfy. Then I asked him the question I have been wanting to ask since this morning, "I didn't do anything stupid last night, right?"

The he laughed, "You mean when you kissed me?" My heart dropped, I couldn't believe I did that, "I'm sorry... I was drunk so I didn't know what I was doing."

Then he continued laughing and added, "I was kidding, nothing happened last night so don't worry!"

I was so happy hearing that, so as we were near school I didn't want people to see me get out of his car so I made the driver drop me off before the school entrance.

I started walking to school and saw Dongsun. I quickly approached him and said hello. We started talking when he asked me, "Want to grab a coffee later?" I nodded and blushed a bit.

Then we got to class and Jin saw us going in holding hands. I didn't really want us to hold hands but since he grabbed mines I just let it be.

"SOOMIN!" Jin screamed so I quickly ran over to him.

"What happened?" Then he grabbed me and made me sit down.

"Are you and the new kid a thing now?" I felt like saying yes to see if that would make him not treat me as a slave anymore but I said the truth. "Not exactly but we are getting a coffee later!"

He rolled his eyes and didn't even look at me the whole class. What's his deal?

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