Chapter Eight

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I woke up again and this time I was chained to my bed for what felt like the millionth time. I was getting so tired of this. I wanted to go home more than anything in the entire universe. I regretted that I had allowed money to cloud my judgement and put myself in this situation in the first place.

Money ain't everything, kids. I thought, rolling my eyes at my own stupidity. Despite my current situation, an odd feeling of calm numbness had overcome me. I figured it must be my body's way of coping with the trauma that these horrible government officials had put me through.

I doubted that I would ever get out of this alive now. I was clearly some sort of dangerous monster that they had created in a lab. I was sure I was going to regret putting my hands on Kyle under the General's watch, but I pushed those thoughts back. I couldn't focus on the negatives right now or I was seriously going to lose it.

Voices outside of my door caught my attention. I focused in on what they were saying, trying to catch the end of their conversation. Their voices were muffled but I could hear them through the thick steel door. I allowed myself a second of shock to realize my hearing had also greatly improved with whatever they had done to me.

"Kyle's barely holding on. You weren't there when that crazy bitch went off on him. It was the craziest shit I have ever seen in my life. I mean, I don't blame her, they did some pretty twisted shit to her while she was under his care." A male voice said. He sounded like a total red neck.

"I heard all about it in the common room. They said that her eyes were glowing. They really turned her into one of them, huh?" A different man replied.

Turned me in to what?

I was terrified of the answer. My heartbeat picked up speed, increasing with every thought that went through my anxious mind. At this point, I had plenty of crazy ideas, but none that I was really willing to consider as a possibility.

"She's too strong for us to keep here now. We don't know what other abilities will manifest. They're ready to hand her over this evening, when they make the trade."

A trade? My stomach heaved, threatening to bring up the last meal I had in my stomach. Which... who knew when that was, now that I was thinking about it. The men outside the door seemed to be stationed by my room, considering they hadn't moved at all. I pondered briefly over the fact that the Department of Defense thought that I was either too dangerous or important enough to make sure I was kept contained within this room.

A minuscule part of me was happy to hear that Kyle wasn't dead, but a large part was upset I hadn't broken his neck while I still had the chance. I doubted I would make it within two feet of him again if the General had the choice, considering it was his son after all.

I would settle for wringing the General's neck too, though.

I'm not picky. I thought to myself, imagining all the ways I'd love to hurt these men.

I frowned uneasily, these weren't things that I usually thought so casually; but then again, I had never been turned into a demonic freak before either.

This was entirely different territory, but I thought I was handling myself appropriately, all things considered. A small smirk worked its way back onto my face.

The door opened suddenly, causing me to jump in shock. "I see you're quite happy with yourself."

Uneasiness crept up my shoulders. I shrugged, "Happy as a clam." I smiled at him innocently, narrowing my eyes as I took in his threat to me. If these chains were off, he would be just like Kyle right now. He had shown me what side he was on, and it sure wasn't mine.

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