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Shivika were talking in previous update


"How will I spend everyday without you Anika", thought Shivaay

Same goes with Anika

"I will miss him still but I know he will so same this time too", thought Anika in tears

"I clearly remember those sleepless nights in which I was missing you like hell but you were not there Shivaay. You were not there....", said Anika and started crying

"I was so broken those days but you were busy in setting that buisness. I always waited for you but you didn't even replied to my messages", said Anika crying

Harsh was seeing his daughter from far but he knows that he can't do anything. Shivaay is the only one who can fill her emptiness inside her heart. He is the only one who can change her by his love.

"He have to win her trust back. I know he did but still she is not convenienced fully , also I want to test him whether he is good for my daughter or not. Whether he can win her trust or not. I can't give my princess to him like this. What if he went for a buisness meet in future and ignored my daughter ", thought Harsh while going

"I love my princess and will never let anyone harm her not even Shivaay", thought Harsh

"I know he love her but I don't know about my daughter . Whether she love him or not" with these thoughts harsh paced here and there

"Dad", shouted Anika

"H...Han. What happened princess", said Harsh

"What were you thinking dad", asked Anika

"N... nothing special princess. But Seriously I missed my daughter a lot. I didn't passed a day without missing you", said Harsh in tears while remembering his sufferings and those days when he missed her

"I love you dad and missed you a lotttt", said Anika cutely and kissed him on his cheeks

"I am Papa's princess and I also spent those days while missing you", said Anika in tears and hugged him

"I will never leave you alone dad", said Anika

"But you have to leave Anika. You have to go to your own house with your husband", said Harsh in tears

"I will ask him to become ghar jamai. I will never leave you papa", said Anika crying

Harsh stroked her hairs lovingly

"Princess your prince will give you soo much love and care then you will forget me", said Harsh while hiding his fresh tears which were noticed by Anika

"Nobody can took your place dad", said Anika

"And I can never forget you. Stop imagining baseless things", said Anika being sad


"Yes dad"

"Do you love Shivaay", asked Harsh

Anika waited for a minute

"Dad I don't love him. He is just my close friend", said Anika while looking in his eyes which was enough for him to understand that she haven't realised her feelings yet

"But Anika you are going to marry him", said Harsh

"But not so soon dad. I like him as a friend but dad I want to test him whether he can trust me it not, whether I can trust him again or not ", said Anika

"I know I trust him now but not like before dad . That Anika is no more who never talked with any guy rather than Shivaay", said Anika

"But princess you didn't now also", said Harsh

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