Chapter 9 - Closer

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Stepping out of the plane, Dart checks his phone and sees Jake's message. He smiles and walks even faster, thankful he only has a carry-on bag with him. Jo is waiting at the gate, squeezing Jake's hand to try and calm her nerves. The minute she sees Dart, she lets go of Jake and starts running. Dart catches her and lifts her up for a long kiss, holding her close. She slides down his body slowly, when they break their kiss. She looks into his eyes with so much love, that it warms his entire body. He pulls her close and looks over to Jake, walking up to them with a smile. "Hey Dart. Welcome home. I'll take your bag, you have better things to do with you hands." All three of them laugh and start to walk to the car. Dart lifts Jo's hand to his lips and kisses it. Jo squeezes his hand and smiles wide, only having eyes for him in the airport full of people. They reach the car and Jake puts Dart's bag in the trunk, before opening the back door, telling Jo to get in. As she sits down in the back seat, Jake pulls the broken necklace from his pocket and hands it to Dart. Dart takes a new necklace from his pocket and slides the charms onto it, smiling at Jake. Dart walks to the other side of the car to sit down next to Jo. Jo smiles at him and Dart pulls her onto his lap with a grin, kissing her lips slowly. "Close your eyes Jo, I have a surprise for you." Jo closes her eyes and feels Dart lifting her braid and tickling her neck. He kisses her cheek and says: "There you go. Perfect!" Jo opens her eyes and looks down at the charms around her neck. Tears come to her eyes and she kisses the charms. She hugs Dart tight, happy to be wearing the necklace again. "I know I said it before, but I am never taking it off again." They kiss each other long and deep, over and over, forgetting all about Jake, until the car stops. They break the kiss, both blushing, feeling a bit embarrassed. Jake clears his throat and states: "See Jo? It's a good thing I ate those grilled cheese sandwiches." Jo laughs out loud with Jake and slides from Dart's lap to get out of the car. Jake opens the trunk and Dart grabs his bag out of it. Jake winks at Dart and says: "I would invite you in for a drink, but I doubt that's on your mind right now." Dart blushes and looks at Jo. Jo plants a kiss on Jakes cheek, thanks him and then cheerfully says: "See you tomorrow, big brother."

She takes Dart by the hand and pulls him towards his house. Dart follows her, a bit shocked by the whole situation. Jo opens his door with the key he gave her and walks in, turning around to look at him. He tosses his bag to the side and closes the door behind him. He takes a step forward and then waits, looking at Jo to give him a sign. She bites her lip and nods a bit nervous. He picks her up with a groan and carries her over to the breakfast bar. He sets her down on top of it, leaning over to kiss her wildly. She answers his kiss just as wild, pulling his hair and moaning softly. He breaks the kiss and looks down at her with a twinkle in his eyes and a crooked smile. "Maybe you should pinch me." Jo raises her eyebrows at him, tilting her head. "I looked at that poster so many times, sitting here. Wishing you were right where you are now." He leans in to kiss her again and she wraps her arms around his neck. She pinches him at the back of his neck with a giggle. "Ouch! Well that's clear, not dreaming for sure." They laugh together, until Canelle demands attention by jumping up next to Jo. Jo pets him happily and kisses his head. Dart growls, staring the cat down. He picks up Canelle, puts the cat down on the floor and says: "She's mine!" He pulls Jo close as she giggles at his possessiveness, snuggling up to him. He buries his nose in her hair, taking in her scent, before pulling back slightly to look into her eyes. "Tell me what you want Jo. Do you need to talk? Are you hungry? Need more kisses?" She thinks for a second and then answers him honestly: "I think we should talk. I would like to hear your side of the story. It might be sad for a bit, but we should get it all out. And after that we will never have to talk about Anna again." Dart nods and sighs. "I agree. Avoiding it will not make things better. Do you want to sit down on the couch?" Jo slides down from the bar and walks into the kitchen to make some tea. Dart walks over to the living room to sit on the couch, preparing himself for the conversation about to start.

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