Chapter 9 - Closer

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Jake watched the live feed with tears in his eyes, happy there was no one there to see him all sappy. He saw the name of the bar, behind Dart and googled the phone number. He still can't believe the waiter actually listened to him. He takes a deep breath and knows he will have to wake up Jo, to show her Dart's video. He picks up her phone and walks upstairs to her room. He sits down at the end of her bed, softly shaking her. "Jo? Wake up, hon. There's something you need to see." She moans and opens one eye to look at him. "What is it?" She sits up and rubs her eyes, trying to touch the charms on her necklace, but quickly remembering what happened to it. Jake holds her phone out to her with a smile. "Look at this Jo. Really look at it. I will give you some privacy. I am downstairs if you need me." He walks out, leaving her there totally confused. She starts the video and feels a stab in her heart when she sees Dart.

Jake rushes down the stairs and sends a text to Dart: If you are able to get a new necklace at the airport, please do so. He sends him a picture of the broken necklace on the table. Dart sends him a crying emote with a thumbs up as a reply. Jake sighs and prays in silence that Jo will watch the entire video. After a while, he hears footsteps on the stairs and looks up, seeing Jo coming down slowly. She sits down on the table, fidgeting with her braid. Jake sees the storm of emotions going through her and waits patiently for her to speak. "Jake? Did he really share that with the world, live on Facebook?" Jake nods. "And Anna made it all up?" She shakes her head, unable to make sense of it all. "Oh yeah, that bimbo lied about the whole thing. If I got it right, she saw you and Dart at the Summer Dance. And she got jealous. But you should ask Dart about the details." Jo touches the charms on the broken necklace and a tear rolls down her cheek. "I was stupid huh? Believing her? And doubting Dart." Jake pulls her close for a hug and says: "No girl, you weren't stupid. The whole world believed that bimbo. And after all you have been through..." His phone beeps and he looks at it with a smile. "Who was that Jake? What are you smiling about?" He smiles a bit wider and says: "Maybe you should send someone a text. Some blonde guy, who doesn't know if you've seen the video and how you feel about it all. It would make the trip a bit easier on him." Jake laughs at her shocked face. "The trip? Is he coming home?" "Yeah he is on his way right now. So text him already. The poor guy is dying."

Jo sends a heart to Dart and reads all the messages he sent her, when he realised what Anna did. She feels all the pain from his messages and can't wait to see him. She sends him a message, sharing her feelings: I can't wait to see you. I love you and I am sorry. Dart replies immediately: You have nothing to be sorry about, I am sorry for not protecting you from all the drama. But I am really happy you're still willing to see me. I love you! [Boarding right now. Landing on LAX in a little over an hour] XO Jo tells Jake that Dart will be landing on LAX soon, while doing a happy dance around the kitchen. Jake laughs and asks: "Do you want me to drive you to LAX and meet him there?" She stops dancing and looks at him for a second and then starts dancing again: "Oh yes please. I have to dance all these feelings out first though, or I might burst." Jake shakes his head and tells her they still have an hour to kill, opening the fridge to take butter and cheese out. He puts the cheese, between two slices of bread and butters the outside, putting it in a pan on the stove. Jo runs upstairs to freshen up and to put her black dress on, knowing Dart will love it. As she comes down, Jake is on his second grilled cheese sandwich. She walks over to him and steals a bite. "Hey! I am driving you to LAX, I need a full stomach for it!" Jo laughs and raises her eyebrows. "It's right around the corner. Surely you're overreacting." Jake grumbles and takes a bite of his sandwich, talking as soon as he swallows it down. "I don't need strength for the way over there, but for the trip back. And for watching you guys being all over each other. Yuck! Big brothers don't want to see that!" Jo slaps his shoulder, making him chuckle even louder. When it's time to go, he lets Jo walk out in front of him, grabbing the broken necklace from the table and putting it in his pocket. Right before he gets into the car, he sends Dart a text: Heads up! Bringing her to LAX. He starts the car with a smile and turns the radio on. Jo sings along happily and he watches her from the corner of his eye. She is so resilient and that still surprises him. He hopes the ride will be a lot smoother for her from now on. He wants to see her happy like this all the time, it soothes his soul.

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