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Third Person P.O.V.
"I'm just saying if it vibrates on my butt again, I'm gonna slap you," Gabbie said. Offset groaned, moving his phone. "CHEESE THEME PARK!" Maddie yelled, looking out the window. "Maddie, that's not what that sign said," Billie said. "GUYS! DID YOU REALIZE THIS IS THE SECOND TO LAST DAY?" Justin yelled. "Thank God," Ally groaned. "I'm gonna miss some of you," Dinah said. Then, the speaker on the bus came on.
"Congratulations. You have survived the trip. Well, almost. For this last night, we will let you sleep in whatever bunk you would like to. Well, some people have already been doing that, but you all at least stayed on the bus."
"Maddie, prepare for you know who to be on top of you," Halsey laughed. "She's been on top of her for the last month," Camila laughed. "She's comfortable and warm. What do you expect me to do?" Ari asked, smirking. "She might have a point," Bram said. "Why does it smell like weed?" Lauren asked, looking up from a book. "Offset probably," Cardi groaned. "No, it's Pete," Nicki said. "PIZZA DICK!" Pete yelled.
That night, everyone hung out in the lounge room, watching movies and chatting. "Please stop with the Disney. Can we watch a horror movie or something?" Maddie groaned. "Fine. How about... IT or Scream?" Taylor asked. "Any horror movie," Maddie sighed. "THE CONJURING!" Simon yelled. "Better than Disney," Maddie laughed. "No it's not," Camila argued. "Shush," Lauren hissed, seeing Maddie glaring and gripping something.
"Is Maddie asleep?" Bram asked. "No," Maddie answered, sounding bored. "Maddie, come on. This movie isn't that bad," Ari said. "You're right. I have seen worse. Cough, Disney," Maddie said, smirking at the end. "Maddie, stop," Normani sighed, seeing Camila looking irritated. "She's just joking. I don't understand the problem," Billie said.
The next morning, everyone woke up on the floor. "Good morning," Demi groaned. "Hi," Selena said, then turned over. "Good morning beautiful," Justin said, literally in her face. "FUCK NO!" she screamed, trying to get up. Justin had his arm around her and wouldn't let her move. "Get off of her," Dinah groaned, kicking Justin in the back. He screamed in pain and got up. Pete was licking something. "Don't lick that," Gabbie sighed.
"GUYS! THE DAY IS ALMOST OVER!" Nicki yelled. "We're about to get dropped off at the meeting spot," Halsey said. "So, Maddie, you're moving in with me," Ari said, smirking. "Did you mean to word that as a question?" Maddie asked, and Ari shook her head. Maddie sighed and nodded. "Guys, I'm gonna miss this," Ally said. "We should do regular get togethers," Simon said. "YES!" Bram yelled. "Oh, just imagine the fandoms going crazy," Halsey said, laughing. "OK, but all of the 5H girls should do a collab," Demi laughed. "I'm in," Dinah said. "Maybe it'll make people shut up about feudss between us," Normani said. "Let's do it then," Camila said. "YAY!" Maddie screamed.
Finally, the time came for everyone to get off the bus. "Dear God. Do I really have to be face to face with paps immediately?" Taylor asked. "Everyone, get to your destinations fast," Bram said, in a weird deep voice. "GET OFF MY ASS!" Nicki yelled. Everyone was finally able to drive away.
Now, they all have monthly get togethers. The 5H girls got together and did some songs. Maddie and Ari are still together. Simon and Bram hide from Pete a lot. This is life. Good bye.


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