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A soft melody played as the musician tapped his fingers effortlessly on the piano keys. I watched as his hands moved with grace, the tune filling my ears with some ease as I sighed to myself.

"You look a bit tense, Eli— everything okay?"

I inwardly groaned and wanted to roll my eyes. How in the world was it okay, heck I wasn't even sure how I could stay calm knowing just who I was out on a "date" with. I cleared my throat and ruffled a few stray strands away from my face.

"It's nothing really Xavier," I took a sip of the sweet wine, "you know after all that's happened, what with Amanda—"

"Nothing to worry about, honestly. I'm sure she'll get over it, she tends to be quite impulsive with her actions and words at times. But I know my sister well," he shook his head as he chewed on his food.

"I suppose," my voice wavered.

I was here for her anyway; Marina and Darius too.

I glanced up only to be met with the brown eyes that I once thought had held some sincerity in them. Yet now I could feel them dripping with their lust as he looked on through a hooded gaze. Although he resembled someone slightly, I couldn't sense the protective desire that I seemed to have become somewhat accustomed to.

Silly Elisa, what are you thinking of now.

I did my best to smile, after all I need to get closer to him, no matter how difficult it will be. I'm here so that Darius can get his closure, and Marina the justice that she truly deserves. I clenched my hand in a tight fist under the table, and took a deep breath.

"You're right, Amanda just needs time."

"Atta girl."

I felt like grimacing, knowing what he did and what he was capable of, everything about him just screamed sleaze bag. But I needed to get my act together, I didn't want him to suspect anything.

"I was beginning to suspect you weren't interested in me anymore." He licked his lips, I felt my body tense, his gaze snapping up to meet me.

"Is it me, or does it feel a little chilly in here," I sheepishly replied, rubbing a hand on my bare arm.

His eyes softened, and he smiled, "I could lend you my jacket to wear."

I shook my head, "no I think I'll be fine, but thank you."

He took a gulp of his wine and beckoned the waiter for some more, I watched as he took another swig. "I was quite upset, especially after the allegations, but like you said it's all in the past now right?"

I bit down on my lip and waited as he removed his attention from his drink and looked at me. His chocolate brown eyes held a rather deep thought as he continued to stare.

"That is all certainly in the past, Elisa. They'd never believe it, but would I really jeopardise my future for some silly mistakes that I made, when I was a naive boy, thinking I could make it big in life just by my namesake. No I wouldn't even dare it, especially not now. Not when I have met such a beautiful woman as yourself."

I probably would have swooned at such a comment not too long ago. How dare he think of Marina as a mistake, that poor woman who was used by this, this bastard.

"I'm sure they'll come around, someday that is. They'll learn to understand what goes on in that handsome head of yours and then realise just who you really are." I smiled and reached my hand out to his; clasping around my own as he drew circles with his thumb. 

"What would I do without you Elisa?" His voice grew slightly hoarse, "you who seems to have bought some kind of light into my darkened life."

I shrugged, "it's you that's helped me, silly and anyway enough of this brooding thing you've got going at the moment." I gestured with my hands, "that only goes well with your brother, you're the more perky and reassuring one."

"Good looking too, I presume."

I chuckled, gosh it sounded so fake. "Well . . . "

We continued to eat and dine, I did my very best to keep the part, although it started to become quite tiresome. I was glad the evening was coming to an end. Although I wasn't sure how, was I to go back to his place or would that be too obvious. I bit down on my lip and was deep in thought when a hand snaked its way around my waist.

I jumped, "relax, it's only me." His voice soothed through my ears, though I could feel my heart beating against my chest. "You seemed to have been lost somewhere, as usual." He teased and tapped my nose with a finger.

"I was waiting," I rebutted not enjoying being treated like a child. 

"Sorry," he gave a tiny bow and looked apologetic, "I just called my driver, since I've been drinking and well you know what they say . . . "

I looked on through narrowed eyes, "I don't actually."

"Neither do I," he shrugged and laughed it off.

I face palmed myself, he acted so aloof at times it made me forget how dangerous he was. I needed to be careful around him, even if he did give these friendly vibes. I could definitely feel see some of Amanda in him, but he had another side to him. One that I have to get closer to, in order to find out what exactly happened all those years ago and what his motive is.

I gave a deep sigh and followed him to the car.

"So where are we heading?" He asked me with a boyish grin plastered on his face.

"Well," I started and shuffled into my seat so we had some distance between us. "I'm going to my 'home' and you're heading to wherever it is that you live."

He widened his eyes, "ouch Eli, you sure know how to hurt a man."

"Don't we all?" I retorted back.

"Huh?" He looked at me, confused.

Crap! I could feel the heat rising up to my cheeks, although I was sure he wasn't able to see given how dark it was. "I—er . . . I mean— you know, Darius—"

"What about Darius?" He replied in an inquisitive tone.

I held my hands together and shot out with a nervous laugh, my smile must've looked all weird and crooked as he gave me a strange look. "Well he's not exactly your number 1 fan, knowing you're with me— his only favourite PA— it's obviously going to make him feel all kinds of emotions."

Xavier relaxed as I saw him let out a short breath, "yeah well he can't have everything in life, that wouldn't be fair at all now, would it?"

"True," I nudged his arm, "but who says I'm yours just yet?"


You guys.
My dear and lovely readers.
You amazing people.

I deeply, deeply apologise.

I know I made updates and did say I would be writing more, but many things have come up in life, and it's made it pretty difficult to think straight or at times to even start writing. I found it pretty hard getting back into the story, I almost forgot Amanda's name and was about to call her Angela lol. I've had a bit of writer's block for a while and it's definitely not easy when it comes to writing something out of your comfort zone. I haven't even written much on my main story either, but I just wanted to thank you all.

I can't believe I have written something that almost 1 million people have read. That truly makes me happy, even though I started this story as a joke, it's great to see how much everyone has enjoyed it so far.

Once again, thank you and sorry! 

Updates won't be regular but they haven't stopped either.


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