The Final Battle

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Alexis is played by Dani cimorelli. :-) enjoy.

I woke up to see Alexis crying. "What's wrong" I said. "I thought you were dead" she said as she wiped a stray tear off her cheek. "Its ok Im alive" I say giving a reassuring smile. "Watch out" I hear a voice yell before seeing a large ball of acid flying towards us. Behind the ball of acid I saw the group of kids flying incredibly fast towards us. I made a mind wall around the ball and started to stop it. Once I had it just floating there I got an idea. "Cam punch it then send a second ball of acid behind it" Cam did as I said, the balls of acid went hurtling towards them right before Casey snapped her fingers and the second ball burst into flames. The kids got hit with one of the balls and went falling down leaving the second one to hit a tree in the distance. "I'm tired of this im going to end this right now" Casey said as she burst into flames and flew away leaving behind a trail of smoke.

"We have to help her" Alexis said as she ran off the building in the blink of an eye heading towards the kids. "Lets go guys" I said as I lifted myself up with my powers and flew over to them. Before I was able to make it all the way over there I was blasted with fire and ice at the same time.  I looked down at my now soaking body as I lay on the ground before looking up and seeing the face of the boy who I think had all of our powers combined.  I threw him into a tree and smiled when I saw a huge hole in the tree where he had hit it. I made the tree fall on him and pushed it down harder with all the strength that I could gather at that time. I watched as he just stood up thourgh the tree. He then ran towards me faster than I could react to and was greated with a blow to the gut.

I tumbled to the ground and looked up as the boy held his hand up and a large ball of water,fire,earth,and air appeared in his hand as he neared me.  The boy got an amused look on his face as he turned and threw the ball directly at Alexis. She saw it coming and kicked a girl in front of it only leaving a pile of ash. The boy looked at the pile stunned, I used this as an advantage and kicked him in the face making him land on the ground beside me. I swung my fist at his head but he only rolled out of the way and jumped up. I picked myself up and got ready for the fight. He swung his leg kicking me in the arm which stunned me. I round house kicked him in the side of the head which had him spinning in the air. I used my power and stopped him in mid air and began to choke him. He stugled beneath my grasp and I felt so powerful. 

I let him go when his body stopped squirming and watched him fall to the ground the look in his eyes slowly turning into a dull brown. I turned to look at the others seeing them on the ground tied together by a giant metal snake. The other two boys and girl walked towards me slowly. I stuck my hand out and sent kyle flying backwards until I coiuldnt see him anymore. I picked the other to boy and girl up and smashed them together. "Ricky, wait" Alexis yelled as I was about to snap the boys in half like a kit kat. "I have an Idea" she said as she stuck her hand out and sent lightning through the snake. The snake shook furiously and slowly started to shrink. The metal melted off and the snake form turned into a naked boy. "What did you do" I asked still holding the girl and boy in the air tightly. "I short sercuted the chips in their head, I saw a diagram of a computer chip when we were in the lab, If I did it right it should just make them good again but if I did it to much then they lose their powers." She explaind as she walked over to where I was and sent a bolt of lightning through the girl and boy making them shake until they pass out. 

Kyle jumps into the scene a second later kicking Jalen in the ribs. Jalen looks at him angrily before shooting his hands out and slowly lifting it up along with a shaking kyle. "What are you doing" Kyle yelled.  "Controling your blood" Jalen said as blood started to trickle out of Kyle's nose . Alexis zoomed to where they were and shot him with a small bolt. Kyle fell to the ground unconcious while Jalen and Alexis stood over him. "I didnt know you could do that" Casey said as she ran to Jalen and hugged him. "Niether did I" Jalen said before passing out. 


We walked to the building and watched it as people worked. "You guys remember the plan" Kam asked as he stepped in front of everyone. "Duh you told us the plan two minutes ago" Jalen said. Everyone stood in a line while staring at the building. I created five giant mind balls infront of every on. "Go" I said as they started to fill the balls with raw elemental power. When the were full I threw them as hard as I could while aming for the building. 

All five balls hit the bullding making it crumble to the ground. "I really hope this is the end" I said as I grabbed Jalen's hand and walked away leaving the other's there.

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