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"I will be a good mother to my baby-" "alright, then prove it. Get off the drugs, go get a job, buy a house and get situated, be a good momma." I spat out, picking up the carrier Cayden was in before looking to Luke as Calum started talking to Macey.

"Can you take me home?" I asked.

"Of course" he nodded.

I signed my own and my babies discharge papers, feeling Luke's arms wrap around my body for support as we walked out of the door.

He helped me hook the car seat up, and we made sure Cayden was okay before getting in, buckling up.

"She isn't going to have another abortion, right?" I spoke, shaking my knee as I looked to him.

"I don't think so- she didn't act like it" He spoke out.

I shook my head, feeling his hand rest on my knee.

"I need her to clean up her life if she's going to have a baby" I mumbled out.

"She will, Casey- she's not going to have a choice as long as she's living with Calum and your mom" he spoke, making me nod slowly.

I leaned my head onto his arm, feeling him squeeze my knee gently.

We soon got to my house and we unloaded everything before bringing Cayden into her nursery together.

"And this is your room" I spoke quietly as I held her, looking around the room.

I laid her down in her crib, Luke and I both looking down to her.

"She's beautiful" He spoke quietly.

"I never thought I could fall in love with someone this fast" I mumbled as my phone dinged

Luke unpacked the hospital bag as I went to my phone, seeing a text

Nick: when can I come meet my daughter?

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