Twenty Four

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Zabdiel left already to check on some of his labs and to attend some meetings, it was just Johann and I stuck in the house. I couldn't get Zabdiel's reaction to me bringing up his mom out of my mind. If it effects him this much then he must certainly love her. And he must be in so much pain because of that. Maybe he should try to talk it out with his mother again.

"Johann, we're leaving." I said and he looked up from eating his food. Zabdiel and I have breakfast together and when he leaves Johann comes and I feed him food while we talk. "I'm almost done." He said, "Well hurry up." I responded as I stood up, "I'm going to my car." I said and I left outside.

I walked to the car garage and I grabbed the keys to the yellow Ferrari. I started the car and I waited for Johann to come, about ten minutes later he came running and he slide in the passenger seat. "Where are we going?" He asked, "I'm getting a haircut, but tell Zabdiel I'm getting groceries and running other errands." I said, "Why not tell him about the hair cut?" He asked, "I want it to be a surprise." I lied and he nodded and dialed Zabdiel's number.

I punched in the address to the GPS, the fucking hair salon was an hour away. I didn't want to drive that far but I gotta do what I gotta do. Johann hung up with Zabdiel, "What did he say?" I asked, "He said that's fine, he told me what he tells me all the time which is to watch you and make sure you are safe." He said and I nodded.

The whole drive was a little quiet but it was a comfortable quiet. Finally we arrived and I parked outside the building, "Johann, stay inside the car and watch me." I said and he nodded. I got out of the car and I grabbed my small purse and I made my way inside the salon, there was a middle aged woman with short hair who was sweeping some hair on the floor. She turned and she gave me a smile, "Buenos días." Good morning She said.

She has Zabdiel's smile.

"Buenos días." Good morning. I smiled back and she walked to me, "Soy Noemi, como puedo ayudarte?" I'm Noemi, how can I help you? She asked, "Quiero mi cabello recortado un poco." I want my hair trimmed a bit. I said, she smiled and nodded and she guided me to a seat where she needs to wash my hair, "Me encanta tu acento, de dónde eres?" I love your accent, where are you from? She asked as she turned on the water. The water was so warm and she started to wet my hair. "Soy de los Estados Unidos pero soy mexicana." I'm from the United States but I'm Mexican. I said and she nodded, "Estás visitando Puerto Rico?" Are you visiting Puerto Rico? She asked, "uhh... He estado viviendo aquí desde febrero." I've been living here since February. I said, "Wow siete meses, qué ciudad?" Wow seven months, what city? She asked, "Bayamon." I responded. "Mi hijo vive alli." My son lives there. When she said that my heart started pounding, I could feel it. She loves him. I think I'm started to get these mom instincts and intellect. That's why I feel like I know.

She finished washing my hair and she sat me in front of the mirror she place the cape thing over me and she started to brush my wet hair. "Noemí, tengo algunos problemas con mi novio en casa." Noemi, I'm having some issues with my boyfriend at home. I mumbled and she started to snip, "Dime tus problemas, mija, soy vieja y estoy segura que soy sabia para darte buenos consejos." Tell me your problems mija, I'm old and I'm sure I'm wise to give good advice. She said and I smiled.

She called me mija, I think she likes me already.

"Estoy embarazada, y mis padres están muertos y quiero que nuestro bebé conozca a los padres de mi novio. Pero mi novio no los quiere cerca del bebé porque él y sus padres dejaron de contactar. Está muy dolido y deprimido por eso. Él cree que no merecen saber sobre el bebé." I'm pregnant, and my parents are both dead and i want our baby to know my boyfriends parents. But my boyfriend doesn't want them near the baby because him and his parents stopped having contacting. He's very hurt and depressed because of that. He believes they don't deserve to know about the baby. I let out what I've been wanting to say for a while. She stayed quiet for a bit and I saw her cutting my hair. "Depende de por qué perdieron el contacto. Pero estaría molesto si mi hijo hiciera eso. No he hablado con él en meses." It depends as to why they lost contact. But i would be upset if my son did that. i haven't spoken to him in months. She said and I hummed in agreement. "Me encantaría tener un nieto. Ser abuela sería un sueño, pero no sé si mi hijo tiene novia. Siempre ha sido un solitario." I would love to have a grandchild. Being a grandma would be a dream but I dont know if my son even has a girlfriend. he's always been a loner.

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