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"I'm sorry"Jordan cries. She's sobbing furiously, hiccuping.

"Sorry is not going to make it better Jordan. You kissed some other girl"Olivia says. She's still angry, but seeing Jordan so vulnerable makes her sad.

"I didn't kiss her"Jordan says and looks Olivia in the eyes.

"No? I saw it with my own damn eyes. Your were practically eating her-"

"No!"Jordan yells angry, interrupting Olivia. She takes an angry step forward. Olivia looks up, since Jordan is a little bit taller than her. "I didn't kiss her. I don't even know her, okay? She came out of nowhere and kissed me. I didn't even want to kiss her. I promise, Olivia. I love you".

Tears shots into Olivia's eyes. "You love me?".

"Of course I do"jordan says and looks down, fiddling with her fingers nervously.

Olivia sighs. She doesn't know what to believe. Is Jordan right? Did she really not want to kiss that girl? And if she's right, does she has to forgive her? She actually thinks about forgiving her. But she also thinks it's all going too fast. But now Jordan has told her she loves her, she just wanna fall into her arms.

She smashes her lips against Jordan's, kissing her furiously. She pushes Jordan against the wall of her bedroom. She breaks the kiss, only to pull Jordan's hoodie over her head and then start kissing her again. She unbuttons her pants, letting them slide down her legs. Jordan kicks them out, leaving her in only a shirt and her boxers.

The kiss is messy. Mostly because of they're panting really hard. Also because Olivia is being rough.

Jordan turns them around and tills Olivia up by her thighs. Olivia wraps her legs around Jordan's waist, pulling Jordan closer. Jordan lays her on the bed and lays between her legs, pressing her raging bulge against Olivia.

She rips Olivia's shirt off of her, leaving her only in her bra. She leaves a trail of kisses down her neck to her chest. She opens the strap of the bra and throws it somewhere in the room. She sucks on one nipple, while pinching the other. Olivia moans loudly. If she wasn't so turned on she would be embarrassed with how loud she is.

Jordan opens Olivia's pants, sliding it down her hips and legs. She throws it on the ground. She lays with between Olivia's thighs. She kisses her over her underwear. She pushes her underwear down, revealing her soaking centre. Jordan felt Olivia part her legs more, and she moaned louder than ever when Jordan's hot tongue licked up her juices and pushed inside her.

Jordan lapped her up, listened to her moan and felt her legs shake as she held her in place. The younger girl's licks and kisses were soft and slow, teasing her all over. ''Fuck...Jordan, ah fuck".

Jordan grabbed one of the older girl's legs and threw it over her shoulder, giving her a better angle to eat the other girl up. She immediately grabbed Jordan's hair and threw her head back as Jordan stroked her tongue over her pussy.

Jordan glanced upwards, watching Olivia's every movement. She threw her head all over the place, with her eyes closed and her mouth wide open. Instinctively, Jordan grabbed her dick and started to stroke herself at the sight. But, She paid more attention to giving her pleasure. ''More...fuck...more.'' She encouraged me.

Her tongue licked over her soft, sweet lips, lapping up her juices. Her moans grew louder the longer she teased her, and they soon turned to screams of pleasure as she pressed her tongue inside of her. Jordan felt like she was going to cum soon as well, especially as she watched Olivia tilt her head back and arch her back, making her breasts display themselves more for Jordan's liking.

With her other hand, Jordan slide it up her leg, no doubt igniting sparks over her skin. Soon enough, her fingers found their way to her entrance. She lightly teased the skin and her hips bucked wildly. Using her tongue and one finger, Jordan did everything in her power to hit every sensitive spot and send her soaring into heaven itself. Olivia cried with delight. Her grip on the green eyed girl's hair tightened, but the girl didn't care, she was lost in her taste. All it took were a few seconds before she was thrusting into the younger girl, moving erratically before cumming against her face and hand.

Olivia lays on bed, panting hard. Jordan moves back up to come face to face with Olivia.

"I love you too"Olivia mumbles with her eyes closed.

"Well in that case, do you wanna be my girlfriend again?"jordan asks and smirks a little bit.

"Yes"Olivia smiles and connects their lips. Moaning against Jordan lips because she can taste herself on the other girl's tongue.

"Maybe we should shower"Jordan says when they break off the kiss.

"Yeah I think so too"Olivia says.

They both stand up and walk to the shower, like nothing has happened before that.


Guysss, I'm learning how to drive a piaggio ape because I bought one. I've always wanted one. But I'm so scared.

Also this book has 69 comments😏

Also this book has 69 comments😏

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