30 - The Castaway

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"Yeah Kirt, do you know how to go there?" parroted Rhett.

"But it's not gonna be that easy fishing there coz the river is kind of swollen and raging. We've gotta try our best bet," said Timothy.

"Yeah," I said.

"We can try," said Rhett.

"Yeah, we can try," parroted Tom.

"So why don't we leave now?" Rhett asked, without Tom parroting what he said.

"There's one problem...going there without getting lost," I said.

"Don't worry about that Kirt," Tom said with a smile as he flourished a machete that he discovered underneath some debris during the search that day.

"We can use this to mark Xs on every tree that we cross while going to the river. These marks will serve as milestones for us to refer to on our way back," said Rhett.

"Yeah, they can serve as milestones for us to refer to on our way back," parroted Tom as he tossed the machete to Timothy who caught it without getting his arm getting cut.

"Guys that's a wonderful idea!" I remarked.

"I think we better take Alice with us. She managed to get directly to the river the night before the split without getting lost. She only had an issue getting back, but still, she managed to reach there first without getting lost," suggested Timothy.

"I'll call her and the others," I said.

"We'll plan some stuff out then," Timothy said.

I nodded and went into the bus.

Alice Boe

Kirt came in and told me that the boys decided to go as soon as possible to the river to fish. He also brought to my notice that we hadn't told anyone about the river, and told me that he told the boys about its existence.

"We need you to come with us," he requested.

"Why me?" I asked.

"Well Alice you know how to get there," he answered.

"Me? Kirt that was just an attempt," I said.

"Trust me, Just try and I'm sure you'll be able to get us there," he said.

"But how will we get back? I think I can get you there, but I really don't know to get y'all back," I said.

"Don't worry Alice. Tom's got a plan. He found a machete and his plan is to mark the trees with cuts as we go to the river so that when we return, we won't get lost," he answered.

"Hmmm. If that's in place, I'll come," I said.

"I'll then go talk with the others," Kirt said with a smile.

Timothy McAllister

While Kirt was on the bus, I told Tom and Rhett, "I think we're missing one thing."

"What?" Rhett and Tom asked (in unison).

"Worms or some kind of bait," I answered.

"Don't worry about that Timmie," Tom said.

"Yeah, Timmie," said Rhett moving one of the large logs that we used to sit on during campfires.

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