30 - The Castaway

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8:30 a.m. Next Day. 2 Days since the split.

Alice Boe

The sky outside was gloomy, even though the rains had stopped for a while. Emily was in her capsule, resting ever since AnnSophia wrapped a bandage around her ankle the previous day. Emily didn't sprain her ankle because of the fall from her capsule, during the Earthquake. She survived that fall unharmed. Where she got that sprain was when she got up after the fall and tried to walk down the aisle during the earthquake. Thinking she could easily walk down the aisle towards us, she took a few steps until she fell once again. That was when she sprained her ankle. It was in the second fall. I haven't sprained my ankle, but while I was on the volleyball team in Wolfgang, I've seen a lot of my teammates sprain their ankles. I know that it's a quite painful experience.

We just had a day of food left for us in the camp. Kirt looked through the canned food and saw that the expiry date of those foods was a year away. So, he reasoned that it was better for us to use those canned items in an emergency situation. Until then, he suggested that we hunt and eat from the jungle. But his suggestion was easier said than done.

"Without guns, how are we going to hunt in the jungle?" I asked after he suggested that. We couldn't find Sergio's guns when we all searched the camp for them, during those 10 days when all of us waited for Sergio before the split. Without guns, we couldn't simply kill an animal with our bare hands, unless we chose to eat insects. I'd rather eat a monkey than eat an insect. I hate insects just like how Kirt hates them. That's one of the many similarities that we share.

Just when I asked that Timothy said, "Oh don't worry about that, Alice."

When I looked in his direction I saw Rhett, Tom and Timothy hold fishing rods in their hands as they entered the bus.

"Found them in Sergio's cabin," said Rhett.

"After a long search," added Tom.

"And uncovering debris," said Rhett.

"And uncovering debris," parroted Tom.

"Lots of them actually, it took a lot of time to uncover these since morning when we and Kirt discovered these under some debris," added Rhett.

"See I told you, it's not difficult finding food in the jungle," Kirt said.

"So we fish?" I asked.

"Yeah," said Kirt.

All the boys were up since dawn that day, scouring through the debris of the camp. They were initially searching for firearms but couldn't find where Sergio stored them. However, their search helped them find another tool which would help all of us find food to eat: fishing rods.

When the boys had gone outside of the bus after talking with me for a while, I took up Leo, my teddy bear, and observed him with a smile on my face. I love teddy bears. There's no age for one to stop loving teddy bears.

Kirt Heinrich

While I got out of the bus with the other boys, Rhett asked, "Kirt, we have everything we need for fishing, but where are we going to fish?"

"Yeah Kirt, where are we going to fish?" Tom parroted.

At first, I was puzzled at their question, but then I realized that none of us had actually told anyone about the existence of La Muchachita.

I looked and Timothy and then told the twins, "Guys there's a river downstream that Sergio showed us. We can perhaps try fishing there."

"Do you know how to go there?" Tom asked.

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