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After what happened and Olivia sent Jordan away, the youngest girl hasn't come out of her bed. She's laying in bed, sleeping, crying and watching tv.

It all happened two weeks ago. Like Jordan predicted, Olivia didn't want to talk to her. The first few days, she had tried every hour. She went over to Olivia's house, hoping that she would talk to her. But she didn't.

Now she laying in bed. Like she had been doing for the past few days.

"Hey"the door goes open. Jordan presses her eyes closed. Too much light, she thinks by herself.

"Are you okay?"she hears someone ask. She looks up, hearing someone talk to her. Valerie, fletcher, Emily and Alex are standing in the doorway.

"M'fine"Jordan mumbles and presses her face back into her pillow.

"Jordan. You have to come out out of your bed. You can't stay there for weeks and doing nothing. Don't you think you should try and talk to her"Valerie says and sits down on the bed.

"Don't you think I've tried to talk to her? She doesn't want to see me. Her parents told me I should stop coming over to their house because it's upsetting Olivia"Jordan says and throws her pillow away frustratedly.

"Okay but now we know who the girl is and why she did it"Emily says.

"What?"Jordan asks confused.

"Bonnie. That girl that kissed you? Well, apparently she's jacks cousin. Jack asked her to do it"Emily explains.

"Yeah. Alisa explained everything after Well we kind of forced her to tell us"Alex blushes and rubs the back of her neck.

Jordan rubs her forehead. She doesn't know what she has to do with this new information.

"Cmon Jordan. Get dressed and go to Olivia's house to tell her"Valerie says and slaps Jordan's stomach.

"And maybe go wash yourself first"Emily says. The others laugh. Jordan rolls out of her bed. She takes clean clothes and underwear and walks into her bathroom, closing the door behind her.


"Here I go. You can do it"jordan whispers to herself. She presses on the doorbell. Ally opens the door.

"Oh hey Jordan. Come in"ally smiles at the girl.

Jordan walks into the house she's been into many times before. Only now it feels different. Almost sad.

"Olivia is upstairs"ally smiles sympathetically to the girl.

Jordan smiles sadly and walks up the stairs. She knocks on Olivia's door.

"Come in"she hears the girl yell. She doesn't open the door right away. She stand still in front of it, trying the find the courage she needs right now.

"I said you could come in-"the door goes open and Olivia stands in the doorway. Even though she looks like a raccoon, with her makeup spread around her eyes, probably because of the crying, her hair is a mess but Jordan still thinks she's beautiful.

"Oh hey Jordan"Olivia mumbles.

"Can we talk?"jordan asks nervously.


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