Nutella -Leondre

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"Y/n where did you put the nutella?" Leo yelled from the kitchen. You both had decided to watch a movie and you were currently sitting on the couch waiting for Leondre to get some snacks. "What do you need nutella for Leo? You have it on everything. Its not healthy! Thats why ive hid it from you" you yelled back with a smirk on your face. "WHAT? Y/N YOU CAN DO THAT!" he yelled, coming in to the room and standing in front of you. "And why not" you asked trying to keep a straight face. "BECAUSE..nutella is life and without it..its like my world has crashed down" he told you. You knew he was over reacting a bit. "So nutella's more important than me?" you asked him frowning. "Of coarse not you know what lets just watch the movie" he told you whilst sitting down. You smirked at yourself because you had just won and argument with Leo over nutella.

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