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Namjoon held Seokjin in his arms in a never ending hug, one that the older didn't mind and neither did the younger. Namjoon's arm was wrapped around Seokjin's shoulder as the latter had his arms wrapped around the blonde's waist. They stayed like that for hours, - after wildly trying to fix the burnt meal Namjoon tried to cook - not saying anything. They just enjoyed the silence that lingered between them.

"Hey, you okay?" Namjoon sounded softly, carding his fingers through Seokjin's hair, untangling the knots.

"Yeah," Seokjin muttered, looking up at Namjoon with a small smile. "Especially since you made me laugh so hard with your terrible cooking." The older chuckled.

Namjoon dramatically gasped and clutched his chest in faux pain. "You're mean," he mumbled, pouting and turning his head away.

Seokjin laughed before caressing the younger's cheek. "Not mean, just honest," he retorted.

Namjoon mumbled a fond 'oh, fuck off' while slapping Seokjin's hand away softly with a chuckle. He then turned to look at the older, eyes turning soft.

He felt bad for Seokjin. He hated what had happened to him just a few days ago. He hated how Minho had taken advantage of Seokjin. He hated Minho. He somehow knew that Minho was a bad guy, and he didn't like it whenever he was around. Even though Namjoon and the older bonded at the cafe, he just had this deep sense of feeling that told him not to trust Minho.

I should've done something sooner.

"You sure you're okay?" the blonde whispered, staring at the blank screen of the TV.

Seokjin sighed heavily. Was he really okay? Was he okay with watching the guy he trusted abuse him? Was he okay with forgiving him? Was he okay with watching the guy he both trusted and forgave cheat on him? Was he really okay?

"I g-guess," he began, exhaling a shaky breath, "I mean, that burst of happiness only lasts for like a small amount of time before the sadness starts up again."

Namjoon began carding his fingers through the brunette's hair once again. "I'm sorry, Jinnie," he whispered, feeling a lump build up in his throat. "I- I shouldn't have allowed myself to keep my distance from you. I wish I could've been there to help you."

Seokjin's heart broke at the way Namjoon's voice cracked with every word he uttered, feeling tears build up in his own eyes. "You're h-here now. You helped n-now. It's not your f-f-fault. It's mine."

"Hey, don't you dare blame yourself!" The younger was now looking at the brunette with a stern look, his eyes glassy. "This is not your fault. It's his fault. You tried to be the best you could for him and he ruined it. Not you."

Seokjin looked away. He didn't know whether Namjoon was right or not. He still felt pathetic. He still felt as if he wasn't good enough. He still felt broken.

He let the tears fall, sniffing as he did so. Namjoon immediately grabbed the older's face in his large hands and wiped the tears away, only to be replaced with more. He kissed the brunette's forehead, allowing his own tears to slip.

"You're perfect..." he mumbled, resting his forehead against the older's.

He watched as Seokjin closed his eyes, lip quivering. The latter let out a choked sob, gripping onto Namjoon's t-shirt. His knuckles turned white at the grip, but Namjoon allowed him to.

"I'm always going to be here for you," the latter muttered. "Even if you block me for three months," he commented, making Seokjin let out a strained chuckle, making Namjoon chuckle as well.

"You make me so happy, Namjoon," Seokjin breathlessly announced, opening his eyes to stare into Namjoon's solid brown ones.

"You make me happy too, Seokjin."


idk why but I absolutely love it when someone makes me laugh while I'm crying snot and tears. idk it just feels so relieving to laugh through a tough time. I think Jimins_wifeu_RxJ can relate to that time I made the comment about the yoongi (sugar) water

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