Chapter 4

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I was sweating in that room not only cause it was hot but I was so nervous. What will he think if he knows I was looking around?

Then I heard footsteps coming over to this room. So I tried hiding as best as I can so he wouldn't see me.

Then he enters the closet and I stopped moving. Then he took his shirt off and I looked away. But then I was curious okay so I looked back and he was still shirtless.

All I'm going to say is that he works out. With that ok looking face and that good body, now I kind of get why girls are obsessed with him.

Then he goes near where I am and notices my hair. Then he gets a stick out of nowhere and starts beating me with it.

"AHHHH" I screamed "Can you not?"

"Why are you here? Like you are so obsessed with me started sniffing my clothes didn't you?" He said as he was helping me get up.

"Of course not! Remember ugly princess, you told me to get in the house and put away the groceries so after I finished I...." I didn't know how to explain what I did.

"YOU?" He was mad

"I- just looked around and trust me I got inside this closet cause I heard the door open!" Then he started laughing.

"If you wouldn't have hidden it wouldn't have been suspicious pabo!" He had a point.

"Well I'm leaving." While I was walking out the closet he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back.

"Hold up, DID YOU SEE ME SHIRTLESS?" I looked down and started slowly walking away.

"Maybe.... but it's not like it was a nice view or anything!" I lied, I mean I was already embarrassed enough.

He rolled his eyes and went down the stairs with me.

Then he said, "Give me your phone." So I did and he put his phone number.

"Bye ugly princess! See you tomorrow at school!" I waved at him but he just rolled his eyes and started cooking.

While I was leaving I looked at the time and remembered I was supposed to be grounded.


My mom is going to kill me. Again. Because of this kid. I sighed and started slowly walking home.

Then I saw my mom outside the house stumping her feet up and down.

Should I make a run for it or just get more consequences? Nah. I'm too lazy right now I'll just try to get away with it.

"HA SOOMIN! WHERE WERE YOU?!" She grabbed me and threw me inside the house.

"OW! I'm sorry mom I was studying at the school library with a friend." I didn't know if this will work but hopefully it does.

"Which friend, Misun?" She raises one of her eyebrows.

"Yes mom." I was happy I was able to trick her.

I went to my room to do my homework and his homework. I didn't mind when the homework's weren't written answers cause I just copied it to his paper. But today we had to write an essay.


So I was done with mine when I received a text.

"This is your king, worldwide handsome. Don't forget to do my essay!"

Uh, I didn't even respond back but I saved his number as "Ugly Princess".

Then after 2 hours of doing homework I went to sleep. It was already 11:00 pm and I had to wake up tomorrow at 6:00 am to go to school. Besides I am grounded so if my mom walks in and sees that I'm not asleep she's going to kill me.

The next morning I got ready for school and even though I was sad that I couldn't get to do anything fun yesterday. The thought that my new PC was coming today got my hopes up. But then I remembered I still had his credit card.

I ran to school, now, I don't even know why, like that isn't going to change anything but I'm a weird person so whatever.

I was waiting for him outside of school when I saw a limousine coming my way.

I was speechless but then when I saw the person coming out of it I just rolled my eyes. It was Jin.

However, after Jin another guy got out of a car and I didn't recognize him. He was a tall guy, really cute guy so I went over his way. Unfortunately Jin was near him but I still wanted to meet the new, new kid.

"Hey! You're new here?" I looked at the new kid and he smiled back at me. I did glance at Jin who was just staring at me.

"Yes! My name is Choi Dongsun. What's your name?" I smiled when Jin interrupted us and said, "You don't have to know her name she's just my slave."

I flicked his forehead "Yah! I am not your slave!" Then he grabbed my bookbag and started looking for his homework.

"Thanks!" Then he started walking away when I grabbed his arm and pushed him back.

"Oh! I forgot to give you your credit card." He then smiled at me and said "You can keep it in case any emergencies happen, I got a new one already."

My heart stopped, did he care about me?

Then of course he ruined the moment and added, "Oh don't get any ideas it's just I don't want my slave to get hurt because then who is going to do my work."

I sighed and walked to the classroom. The new kid, Dongsun, was in my class too but there were no seats left. Then, the teacher asked, " If anyone doesn't like where they are sitting right now, you can change and sit next to him. The school is going to be adding a new table"

Then, I was raising my hand when I felt a hand pull it down. "Yah! What are you doing?" I looked at Jin who was still holding my hand down.

"As my slave, you have to be next to me for when I need you!" I rolled my eyes but then I remembered I only have to do a total of five tasks.

"Technically, I'm not your full-time slave so bye!" Then he grabbed my hand again and smiled, "Can you do me the favor of sitting next to me this whole school year?"

I rolled my eyes and nodded. Gosh, how I hate this kid.

I felt bad that Dongsun had to sit alone cause no one wanted to change sits. So after school, I went to his seat.

"Hey! Oh my name is Ha Soomin! And forget about what the other kid said, it's just he won a bet." We shook hands and I sat next to him.

I got to know more about him when this kid Jin just came, grabbed me, and dragged me out of class.

"Slave! Make me dinner tonight!" He said while I tried to get out of his hold.

"Okay I'll try stopping by your house... wait! I can't, I'm grounded BECAUSE OF YOU!" I went back to class and got a text.

"I don't care just come or you get punished"

I said goodbye to the new kid and he gave me his number. I had to come up with a plan to trick my mom... AGAIN! So I called my mom and told her I had to stay in school for tutoring and I will eat out since it's going to be late. She was mad but I got away with it.

You see, every-time you tell parents it's about school they will let you so I knew it was going to work.

I went outside the school to get a taxi to his house, of course I was planning to pay with his credit card, when I saw Jin waiting outside with his limousine.

"Hey Soomin get in!" Then when he saw I wasn't even moving he came rolled his eyes, and dragged me in.

"Yah, I could of taking a taxi!" I rolled my eyes at him.

"Yea but who's money where you planning to use?" He raised one of his eyebrows and I just stayed quiet.

Then he came close to me and whispered in my ear "What you like the new kid?" I just ignored him, fine, right now I am his slave but he doesn't have to know about my life. And what if I liked the new kid?

Then I started counting how many favors I had done. Okay so I did his groceries, one. Then I sat next to him, two. And now I am going to make him dinner, three. Alright just two more, I can do this!

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