In Search for Home

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Here and there and everywhere,
I see only darkness
I can't see light anywhere
And find back happiness.
Seems like my world's shattering, with it's pieces on the ground,
I'm turning my head all around,
to find it's gone and can't be found.

I'm searching for water in this drought,
Roaming here and there all about
But I can't find a single place,
To cover my head in this race.
All challenges and lies,
All sorts of dirty flies,
Now I know what this world's made of.
Its not gonna let me doze off
At least, not in silence,
Or in peace as they want licence
To show a blind man his path
Or to tell the needy where to start.

Alright, then I agree,
Not to cry and nor to bend knee
Not to bow head to their command.
Not to stand there like a weak strand.
Or just a pretty looking Glass,
Which will be broken on touching hard.

I'm not a failure
Don't wanna be here
Someday I'll fly high
Escape this bad world
And go in search for home.
And go in search for home.

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