Part 17

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"Okay, the people we have signed up is..." the teacher called out the names of the people and they come up to the front with a report on their reasons.

"Zen Jerio, and...Eve Vangelia!" The teacher finished. People gasps at the last person.




Zen and I stood up. I followed Zen's steps and avoided eye contact with anyone. Although, I experienced being in front of the audiences. That was the past. This is different. I'm a 26 year old in a 16 year old body...

I stood there silently as the students who were called up, were reading out loud their reasons on why they want that position and other.

I take a peek at the people as see Lily giving me a thumbs up and a smile, signaling me to do my best. I nodded and smile brightly.

Some of the students looked over at me and then back to the person, presenting.

After Zen's turn, it was my turn. I seriously thought my legs were going to collapse if I stood any longer. I haven't don't this in awhile but I guess that helps.

"Thank you." Zen finishes and goes to his sit and stares at me, playfully. I noticed it but pretend I didn't see it. He smiles more at the girl who is avoiding him.

I walk up to the center and placed the paper in front of me. My heart beats rapidly. Wow, there seems to be more students than I thought.

I glance at the students in front of my and cleared my dry throat. I look at the report and start to state my reasons.

"Hi. I'm Eve Vangelia. As you all know, Eve is stupid since young. (Oof, okay harsh) Eve is clumsy and doesn't know how to interact with people. It's Eve's first time going to school unlike Riya, who went to school ever since she was little. Eve was really happy to go to same school with Riya and meet a lot of new and different people. Eve doesn't regret it. The reason why Eve want you guys to vote on Eve is because," I stopped for a second and see the people waiting for me to speak again.

"Eve been known for being stupid in Eve's family and I don't want to stupid forever. Eve want to be someone important! Eve want to make family proud so that my family doesn't have to be ashamed when someone asks how's the youngest daughter doing? Eve doesn't want to be useless and being a good for nothing daughter. So, please...VOTE FOR EVE!!!" I finish and bowed in a 90 degree angle and quickly walked over to my desk with a beating heart that is calming down.

Everyone was in a daze and snapped out of it when the teacher smacked the board for attention. I sigh, already tired. I know all of this already!!!

Now, that I did that and wasted my time writing the report yesterday, it was just the votes now.

I'm pretty sure Zen is going to be the President because of his handsome face and his intelligence.

Hmmm, okay. I don't think that I'm going to be voted on but deep in side (like my heart~), I could see myself smiling devilishly.

As for the order of the votes....

The most votes will be the:

The second most votes will be:

The third most votes will be:


Meanwhile, Riya is recovering from her injury. She missed 2 days of school and nobody visited her. Of course, she didn't want that ugly stupid brat to visit her!!

What Riya wanted was Zen. She wanted his attention and affection. But according to her friends, Eve was getting the attention and affection from Zen which made Riya furious and furious at herself for spraining her stupid damn ankle!!!


I sat down and Lily came right behind me and sat right next to me. Lily tells me how proud she is of me and tells me that she feels like a mother hen who raised her children to defend herself.

Again, she dramatically cried while eating her chicken. I laughed nervously and pat her back.

I wish I can cry freely like that too but look at me! I'm targeted!!! Wahhh!!!

Then a person comes and sits right across from me and I noticed it was Zen. Some of the People's gazes were on us. Zen ignored them and ate his food.

Lily looks at me and to Zen. She makes a face which I made a stone face. She shrugs and eats her food.

It was silent until an another person joins the peaceful table.
And that person was Zen's friend, the guy who came in with a 'bang' on the door? Yeah, him.

He sits right next to Zen and looks at the Lily and me. He smiles after taking a good look at us.

"Hi! We haven't really introduce each other yet? I'm Sean Dester! Zen's friend!! Wanna be my friend??What's your name??" He asks like a bright child with rainbows and magical unicorns around him.

My eye twitch at his magical introduction. I only stare at him in a blank expression. This guy....reminds me of Gabe.

"Gab—I mean! Hi, Sean! I'm Eve Vangelia! This is Lily Otern, my friend!" I introduced us to him while Zen kept looking at me like I made the wrong decision. I smiled at the two while Lily just don't give a bullshit about this Sean dude, just keeps chugging food into her mouth.

Lily doesn't really care if Zen is there. I don't know how she doesn't care? I usually thought Lily was one of those Got-to-be-proper-in-front-of-gorgeous-people types but looks like I failed at getting to know her.

Oh well, I'm relieved she isn't one of those people. Relieve, relieve~

Sean keeps talking to Zen in a dramatic matter, ahem. Reminds me of someone. While, Zen once again, doesn't listen to him or look at him.

"You moved classes without me!!! I thought we were close!! brothers!!!" Sean wailed out as he clings onto Zen which Zen shook off, annoyed.

"When were we close?" Zen questioned him, coldly.

On the other side of the road, Sean who looks so shock at his question decides to wail out and throw some words at him like,

"Remember that time, under the trees!! I gave you an apple and you accepted it!!"

"That was just a friendly gesture. I threw the apple away cuz it was sour."

"Remember that time, when we took a bath—"

"Sean." His cold and deadly voice enters out of his mouth, freely.

"Yes, your majesty. I shall polish the shoes and leave right away." Sean who was scared at his friends temper, ran away, not wanting an another punishment like last time for interrupting him and Eve in that medic room.

I giggle at their friendship and see Zen who sighs out.

"Don't listen to his nonsense. Anyway, Eve? Are you doing anything after school?" A glint of mischief in his eyes as he spoke.

And I being totally stiff, looks at him with a fake smile on my face.

"Yes, Yes! Eve has to go to...visit Lily's house!!!"

With that being said, Lily opens her eyes widen at the sudden news and chokes on her drink.


I think this is turning bland...I don't know? I'm kinda confused of Eve's personality?? But all try my best to make it all work out!!

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