Q1: The Seventh Member of The Generation of Miracles (Pt. 2)

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I walked into class with Kagami and spotted someone who I was waiting to see forever!

"Kuroko!!!!" I yelled as I hugged the little bluenette.

"Daidaina-san. What are you doing here?" He asked, his blue eyes shimmering from light reflecting off the sun.

"I go to Seirin! I didn't expect to see you here, though!" I answered enthusiastically.

"Neither did I." He smiled lightly.

As we were talking, Kagami was staring at me like I was crazy.

"Oye, Mitsuki, who are you talking to?" He questioned.

"Huh? Oh right, this is Kuroko Tetsuya, a former teammate and a friend of mine from Teikō. Kuroko, this is Kagami Taiga, a childhood friend of mine." I explained.

"Hajimemashita, Kagami-kun." Kuroko bowed.

"Ahhhh...!" Kagami yelled as he was greeted by Kuroko.

'Oh, right. To others, Kuroko is barely noticeable.'

"Haha," I nervously chuckle. "Sorry for the scare, Taiga."

Kagami, still a bit unstable, breathes heavily, "N-no, it's okay."

The door slides open, and the teacher enters.

"Alright, students, get to your seats." The teacher says.

We get into some seats in the back of the room near the window.

Kuroko, right next to the window, way in the back.

Kagami in front of him, and I'm next to Kuroko.

As class continues, I anxiously wait for the basketball try-outs.


Soon we all went to the try-outs.

Kuroko, Kagami, and I were walking side by side.

I was holding both of their hands.

Smiling, I grateful that I could be with two of my best friends.

Soon we reached the gym.

There we all lined up next to each other.

There were two rows. I was in the back row, with Kuroko next to me, and Kagami in front of me.

The girl that we saw at the table was there, with other second & third year players.

Two of the guys in front were talking about the brunette.

They were saying how the brunette manager was cute but, only if she were more sexier.

The megane guy punched them both in the back of their heads.

'Serves them right for thinking about those things during try-outs...'

"Morons, you're wrong." He said.

"What?" They asked.

"I'm the basketball clubs coach, Aida Riko.

Nice to meet you." She introduced.

"What?!" They said in shock.

"Are you deaf? She said that she's the coach. What don't you get?" I rolled my eyes.

They still looked shocked.

One of them asked, "It's not him?"

He pointed at an old man sitting on a chair.

"That's our advisor, Takeda-sensei." Riko answered.


"You've gotta be kidding."

"Now that your acquainted with Takeda-sensei, you guys...

Take off your shirts!" Riko commanded.

"Huh? ... WHATTT?! Why?!" They all shouted.

Soon they all stood in a row with their shirts off.

I, being a girl, was standing next to Riko as she examined all their bodies.

"Your ability to move instantaneously is a little weak.

I bet you do 50 side jumps in 20 seconds, don't you?

You'll need to do a little better for the basketball team."


"You're too stiff."

"Seriously? She's right."

"What do you mean?"

"How'd she know that just from looking at us?"

"Her dad's a sports trainer.

Collecting data and creating a training regimen; It's a skill she picked up studying bodies and data everyday at his workplace.

When she looks at your body, she sees all your physical abilities in numbers.

Well, I wouldn't expect any less from a coach." The megane answered.

Suddenly Riko gasped as she looked at Kagami's body.

"What?" Kagami asked.

[Short Riko P.O.V.]
'What... What is this? All his numbers are through the roof.

These aren't the values of a first year high school boy!

I can't even see his potential. I've never seen anything like this.

Such raw talent!' Riko thought.

Daidaina's P.O.V.
"Coach! What are you staring at?" Megane asked.

"Sorry! Um.." Riko looked down at her clipboard.

"You looked at all of them. Kagami's the last one." Megane answered.

"Really?" Riko said.

"Wait!" I said.

They looked over at me.

"Y-you... forgot about Kuroko."

I pointed to Kuroko.

Riko screamed as she saw Kuroko.

"What? How long have you been there?" Megane asked.


I cut Kuroko off.

"He's been here the whole time."

Kuroko nodded.

'He was right in front of me and I didn't realize?' Riko thought.

Sorry guys, but I'll have to stop this part here because I don't want to make you guys wait and a writing the whole episode is going to take really long, and I didn't want to make you wait any longer... I'm sorry for taking so long still!

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