28 - Quake

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Timothy McAllister

06:00 a.m. Next Day

"Take care of yourself, Kirt boy," said Jackson King as he put his knapsack on. He added, "I know I can't take everything with me. I want you to keep all the stuff that I don't take with me."

Kirt smiled at his gesture. "Take care." He patted Jackson's shoulder. The two exchanged melancholic smiles. They were concerned how they would fare after they would separate.

"Come on King, it's time to go," said Frederick Collins as he stood near the bus' door with his knapsack on his back. Except for Weedboy Bill Lancaster, Alejandra, Zach, Fiona, and Michaela the Promiscuous, everybody who left, gave those who stayed the stuff that they couldn't take with them.

"Jackson, take care of yourself too," Kirt said.

Jackson patted Kirt's back, holding back some tears. Neither Kirt nor I could stop feeling emotional. Those who left (except for Weedboy Bill, Zach, Fiona, Michaela the Promiscuous and Alejandra) worried for the safety of those who stayed, and those who stayed worried about that of those who left.

People on both sides (except for Weedboy & Company) hugged each other before those who had chosen to leave left the bus. After staying for some time with Kirt, Jackson put on his knapsack and left the bus with the other boys who wanted to leave.

Alice Boe

It was sad to see them all go. The air was filled with an emotional feeling. As I stood in the girls' deck, I saw Candace Thomson give her best friend Emily Robinson a tight hug. As much as Candace Thomson wanted to leave, she didn't like separating from her best friend. Both of them were worried about each other. There were tears in both of their eyes.

"Take care of yourself, Candy," Emily said, helping Candace with her knapsack.

"You too," said Candace clutching Emily's hand.

Before she went downstairs, Candace gave AnnSophia and me a tight hug.

"Take care," wished AnnSophia.

Candace smiled.

Followed by Candace, Savannah walked towards the stairs of the girls' capsule.

I smiled at Savannah as Savannah walked by. At first, Savannah ignored me, but then she stopped.

With watery eyes, she ran towards me and hugged me tightly. "Take care, Alice," she said.

I was taken aback by the gesture; for, I never expected Savannah would act like that. I cried as I hugged her back.

After an exchange of hugs, we, who chose to stay, escorted those who chose to leave to the campfire spot.

Kirt Heinrich

Near the campfire, I shook the hands of Brian Campbell. Jackson King promised me that he would send help as soon as he reached civilization.

Those who chose to leave walked in the direction of the disappeared trail, after saying their goodbyes.

Before disappearing into the thick forest, Jackson King waved one last goodbye. He was the last one to disappear into the forest.

Timothy McAllister

05:30 p.m.

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