chapter 8: gorgonzola cheese

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"ok guys let's put the cd into the $75 chromebook i stole from a public school." bruh no said. "oh hot i hope it's some good dank memes or some hot ass trish hentai i'd bang to that hhh." mista said. "shut tthe fuck up or im gonna make sure u never get a bonr ever ever again." triah said. "ok uwu." he said.

bruno broccoli inserted the disc into his laptop and it started playing trish hentai. "HA i TOLD YOU IT WOULD BE TRISH HENTAI." mista said. "ok u have 4 seconds to shut up before i infect you with sugma." fugo Said. "what the fuck is a 4???" mista said. "sugma balls lmao." fugo said. narnacia laughed at fugo's failed dead sugma joke which is super fucking dead like fortnite fuck fortnite and fuck apex legends. minecraft is where it's at bro that's where ur gonna pick up the chicks trust me 👌👌👌😩😩💦.

"guys shut up the boss left a message for us behind the trish hentai which mista is not allowed to watch and if he does then i will personally shoot his dick off." bruno said. "im havign a BRUH moment." mista said sad now that he cant jack off to trish hentai at 2am. "the boss said to drop trish off at the church so we could be a little closer to heaven and also one of us has to go in with her and it'll be me." bruno said to his lovely children while making a stone ocean reference. "how do we know ur not gonna fuck trish secrelty without us knowing????" mista asked. "how about get off your fucking cocaine and drink water instead. you need to be hydrated and also drugs are bad." bruno mommy said being a good mommy. "ok momy bwuno uwu." mista said. "how many fucking times do i have to tell u never to say uwu again???" giorno said to his bro. "u said owo not uwu." he responded. "that's it i'll never succ ur dick ever again." giorno said and drank piss from abbacchios pp. "it must be the 4th of the month smh." mista said.

"we'll be at the church in about half an hour. the boss doesn't want anyone to step foot on the island where the church is at. everyone stay in the boat when we get there." bruhno antivax christian mommy said.

"alright narancia we're gonna do some math." fugo said. "no thx bro." narancia said drawing dicks in his notebook. "if u draw another pp in ur notebook im getting the forks." fugo said. "hhh but foogo i wanna draw dicks *sad uwu*." narancia said making sad narancia noises. then fugo stabbed him with a fork. "sHUT THE FUCK UP U ILLITERATE DUMBFUCK AND DO UR FUCCKIGN MATH PROBLEMS." fugo, narancia's local math teacher, said. "okokokok fuuugggyyy." narancia said crign. then fugo flipped the page with his pencil in hand ready to write a new math problem and his poor eyes stumbled across the trish hentai. he just stared at it with disappointment in his soul. "I SWEAR ON MY LIFE FUGO I DDIN'T draW THAT I SWEAR PLEASE BELIEVE ME FUGO!!!1" narancia cried. then giorno and mista started laughing like fucking crazy because they both drew the trish hentai from chapter 1. "you two are acting very suspicious and im willing to stab both of you with my forks 🍴🍴🍴🍴if u dont explain y u r laughing so hard 😡😡😡." fugo yelled. "😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂." they both said in unison. "STOP FUCKIGN LAUGHING OR IM GONNA STAB YOU BOTH." fugo yelled. "😂." they laughed. then fugo stabbed both of them. "aaAAAHH FUGO u dICK HOLE." mista said to fugo. "hhhhHH FUGO IM hURTING y did U stAB ME IN my maN TITTY." giorno cried to fugo. "u guys are such diSAPPOINTMENTS FucK BOTH OF U fUCKERS hhh." fuog said wishing he could talk like he was on an xbox live chatroom, but bucciarati was going to stab all three of them with forks. "momy dont stab me with a frok." narancia said. "dont worry my child u did nothing wrong." bruno said with that warm smile he has and then he stabbed his 3 other children with forks. "hHH SO this is what it feels like to have a taste of ur own medicine i see anD I FUKCIGN HATE IT AAA OW IM IN PAIN aaa BUCCI y." fugo said in pain. "dont worry fugo i can heal now." giorno said. "not on my watch. this is ur punishment!!! u get to bleed for a bit and then i'll let u heal them!!!" bruhno said and stabbed giorno in the hand with a fork. "hHHH MOMY BRUNO OW." goorno said in pain. "i am sorry my children but for swearing IN MY CHriSTIAN MINECRAFT TURTLE and DRAWING TRISH HENTAI WHICH IS UNFORGIVABLE. TRIHS IS RIGHT HERE IN THIS ROOM AND YO UHAVE THE AUDACITY to d rAW THIS PO RN." bruno scolded his children. "but-." one of the child said. "NO BUTS OR IM GONNA ZIP UP UR ASSES AND U DONT GET TO SHIT EVER AGAIN." bruh no said.

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