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Two days passed before Ryujin obliterated the tiny sauce bottle and had to go back for more. She got her weekly allowance from her mom the day before, so she definitely had enough to buy more than one bottle. Just to stock up so she didn't have to worry about that problem for a while.

"...Dude, and then she really just dropped my toothbrush in the toilet on accident! But was it really an accident? No, I think it was planned. She wanted me to go with disgusting morning breath so I can embarrass myself in front of that cute girl at school."

Ryujin nodded before remembering she was on the phone and hummed instead, listening to her best friend complain about her older sister. She was sitting on the couch, watching some drama she didn't understand whilst eating popcorn she popped not too long ago. She had used the rest of the soy sauce to pour on top of the snack. Because that's the only way you eat popcorn. With more sodium to send that blood pressure sky high!

"So instead I just ignored her the whole day and she probably thinks I hate her. Great."

"She might think you're shy," Ryujin commented before stuffing a handful of popcorn in her mouth. "Girls dig shy girls."

"That's called a 'preference,' Ryujin. I don't know what she likes! She probably doesn't like dorks like me!"

"You are a major dork."

"No bigger than you," Chaeryeong quickly remarked.

"Maybe I should date her then, if she likes dorks."

"And betray me and our friendship? I'm like the only friend you got."

Ryujin froze for a second. "...Point taken."

Chaeryeong laughed and Ryujin cracked a smile as well.

Chaeryeong was Ryujin's longest friend, the two being close ever since their last year of elementary school. Ryujin had stood up for Chaeryeong and nearly got into a fight because a couple of guys were picking on her constantly that year. Younger Chaeryeong looked like such a nice girl and had never said anything bad to Ryujin, which made the latter mad and she threatened to knock the snot out of the guys if they didn't leave her alone. After that, Chaeryeong stuck by Ryujin's side and the two became best friends ever since.

"You should really just ask her out and stop being a chicken. What's the worst that could happen?" Ryujin asked.

"Easy for you to say. Your longest relationship is with dipping sauce."

"Wrong. Soy sauce isn't just a dipping sauce, it's versatile and can be used as literally anything."

"Like dipping sushi in it, exactly. It's a wonder how you haven't popped a blood vessel from how high your blood pressure is. Speaking of, how long has it been since you've had a check-up? You should be in rehab by now since you literally take shots of soy sauce—"

"I'm fine. I get the low sodium kind," Ryujin assured.

There was a moment of silence on the line as Ryujin waited for her friend to scold her about how 'low sodium still has salt in it' and how soy sauce 'has loads of other harmful things in it' but it never came. She raised her eyebrows as she chewed on more popcorn, pleasantly surprised she didn't have to complain about how much her best friend sounded like her mom.

"Low sodium," Chaeryeong scoffed. "Like that's so much better. Hey, I gotta go do something. Call you later?"

"It better be practicing asking out that girl you like so much."

Chaeryeong huffed into the mouthpiece. "That is if Chaeyeon doesn't try to sabotage me again! She said it was an accident, but I don't believe it one bit!"

Ryujin chuckled and they both promised to talk to each other later before hanging up. She decided it was the perfect time to do her shopping for her only reason of living, so she turned the TV off and grabbed her wallet before making her way out her home. For a split second, she wondered if she should tell her mom where she was going, but then figured it wouldn't take that long to buy what she needed. With a smile, Ryujin stepped out the house and shut the door behind her.

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