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Hi! So eto po yung answers and explanation para sa logic questions sa last chapter. Para po ito sa mga nagtatanong. Kung alam niyo na yung sagot, kahit wag n'yo na 'tong basahin. Haha. Oh, nakailan kayo? :)

1.     M V E M _ S U N P

PLANETS: Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto

2.     T S P H H _ N D

SHAPES (according to number of sides): Triangle Square Pentagon Hexagon Heptagon Octagon Nonagon Decagon

3.     F S _ F F S S E

ORDINAL: First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth

4.     J F M A M J _ A S

MONTH: January February March April May June July August September

5.     _ G H C

SCHOOL LEVEL: Preschool Grade school High school College

6.     F S J _

HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior

7.     O T _ T T H M

PLACE VALUES: Ones Tens Hundreds Thousands Ten Thousands Hundred Thousands Millions

8.     A A N S A _ A

CONTINENTS (according to area/size): Asia Africa North America South America Antarctica Europe Australia

9.     Decode: WVGVXGREV

           U have a clue.

Clue po yung U. Ibig sabihin, isusulat ang alphabet kung paano niyo isulat ang letter U. From top to bottom, then 'yung equivalent letter ay from bottom to top.

A   Z

B    Y

C    X

D    W

E    V

F    U

G    T

H    S

I      R

J     Q

K     P

L     O

M  -   N

10.     Decode: VGEJPQNQIA

          1/3 is enough.

1/3 ang clue. One-third. Ibig sabihin, una yung pangatlo or magsisimula sa pangatlo.

A - C

B - D

C - E and so on...

11.  M




Warm up (warm spelled upwards)

12. PpOpD: Two peas in a pod (since there are 2 p's /peas/ in the word POD)

13.     you cant have it

          ti evah tnac uoy

you can't have it both ways (spelled as /you cant have it/ both forward and backward)

14. his iiii


circles under his eyes (oooo are circles and they are under 'his iiii', wherein the iiii are pronounced as i's /eyes/)

15.   0




Three degrees below zero (degrees as in bachelor's, master's, and doctorate)


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