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Major Author's Note: Guys, can you believe it?? It's been AGES! I am SO sorry. Life got ridiculously hectic after Mother's Day and I feel like I'm still trying to catch my breath. To highlight a few major happenings that delayed my writing, here's what's been going on --> 1) My dad is undergoing final testing for a kidney transplant in the coming months. My mother is a match for him, so she's doing testing too, but now the process is delayed because they found precancerous cells during one of her screenings so now she'll have to have surgery to remove it all before they move forward together. Then, a few weeks ago, my sister's doctor found a lump that she's in the process of getting examined and we're waiting on results 2) I got a mini-work promotion and I've been putting in extra hours at the office which has crippled my schedule 3) my book blog website broke so I spent most of my free time the last few weeks online and on the phone with the company who hosts my domain to try to fix it and then catch up on posts 4) my computer broke.. first the track pad and then my keyboard so it had to get sent out for repairs 5) I had pneumonia not long ago that lasted a good 2 weeks and knocked me on my ass and 6) leaving work at the beginning of this month, someone rear-ended me and it's costing me a pretty penny to have said damage fixed and 7) fun fact about me - I have tendonitis in my right hand/wrist/arm.. which is my dominant/writing hand.. and I've been having a flair up that I think is on week 3-4 right now so as much as I've been dying to write, writer's block and a sore hand have been delaying me because I'm trying like hell to get it to heal... bottom line, my headspace for writing has been severely diminished and I'm just now getting back in the groove properly. I'm very rusty because aside from work and minimally on my blog, I haven't done a lick of writing for myself. However, I got a decent amount done the past few days so before the weekend is over, I hope to have another chapter for you! This chapter helped me get back to Roman and Abby and I think bigger things are coming their way, so while this chapter isn't action-packed, it's all leading to what's next so... stay tuned and enjoy! For the best updates about life and my writing schedule, check me out on Instagram --> www.instagram.com/theblabbingbibliophile

The transition period between being a private citizen and becoming the president of the United States was rapidly coming to an end and with the days dwindling before my very eyes, I still felt like I moved at the speed of light

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The transition period between being a private citizen and becoming the president of the United States was rapidly coming to an end and with the days dwindling before my very eyes, I still felt like I moved at the speed of light. Roman had become a more prominent figure at my side throughout all the meetings, events, travel, the mundane paper-pushing, and as well as spending time with the public that seemed to dominate our days leading up to the big move.

The more we found ourselves out and about, the more the press surrounded us. Media outlets of all kinds were hounding my staff for a joint interview in order to "meet" Roman and I. A sort of strange fanbase began to come out of the woodwork with fan pages and Instagram accounts dedicated to paparazzi pictures, or official event photos of us, dubbing us American royalty. We had become what was affectionately known as #Romigail.

When news of our relationship broke, and being in the spotlight in a different light fanned the flames, Grant amped up his game to rile up his base with continued vile hatred for me. He even labeled me as the whore of Pennsylvania Avenue. These low-blow tactics were nothing new coming from Grant's mouth, but before Roman entered my life, I would have let the disgusting rhetoric roll off my back. Being a woman in a man's game had been a rough-and-tough playing field since I entered the ring of politics, and after plenty of years feeling like I had been kicked around and degraded, I learned very quickly how to duck and swerve. Now that I had unceremoniously pushed Roman into the spotlight that he didn't ask for and we had our impending arrival greeting us in a very near future, I could feel the mama bear instincts kicking into overdrive. I wasn't surprised at Grant's hypocrisy. He had a notorious record of being a womanizer and adulterer. It wasn't even scandalous information that he kept under wraps. He had a wife, mistresses, casual encounters, and from what had been revealed throughout his public life, he had children by all three. Even more absurd, throughout his 4-year term in office, he was put on a pedestal by the extremely religious sects of the country. There were those who genuinely believed he was sent by God to run our country. A man who reeked of political and business corruption, had zero moral values or respect for women, and couldn't recite a Bible verse if he were held at gunpoint was perceived as Christ-like. Then there was me, by all accounts a single woman, living in sin with a man I adored more than my own life, who believed in the good and rights of the everyday people, and he was painting me with the 'extremist' brush just so he could get better ratings and attention. One thing he was famous for was demeaning others in order to try to put himself ahead, and his supporters gobbled it all up while I remained astounded at how thinking and acting the way he and his supporters did made any sort of sense. Bottom line, I was determined to not let him chew me up and spit me out and I'd be damned if I let his hateful, despicable acts reach my child or my man.

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