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After explaining to him exactly what coffee milk was several times, I went ahead and fixed it, giving it to him to try.

I watched him slowly sip it as I held the bottom of the glass, fearing that he would drop it.

"I like" he mumbled out, giving it a solid nod.

I fixed him cereal with it, making him sit at the table to eat, which he didn't seem to mind.

"Aubrey still asleep?" I asked michael as he fixed himself coffee.

"Yes, out cold too" He spoke, making me nod.

I gave her a few more minutes before going upstairs, knowing she would need some time to get ready without being rushed by all of us.

I went into her room, gently rubbing her back

"Aubrey- you gotta wake up" I spoke quietly, feeling her almost immediately shifting.

"You get shots today" I reminded her, immediately hearing her groan into her pillow, no noises other than that.

"Start getting ready, we'll probably need to leave in about thirty minutes" I spoke slowly, giving her back one final rub before leaving her quietly- planning to make sure that she was up and moving in about ten minutes.


I drug myself out of bed, remembering one thing- I had no clothes.

I rubbed my face, trying to figure out what the fuck I was supposed to do.

I looked in the mirror to Calum's oversized clothes, shrugging lightly.

I tucked the shirt into the sweatpants, tying the waistband tighter so it wasn't as baggy.

I rolled the sleeves twice to where the sleeves weren't down to my elbows before pulling my hair into a high ponytail, washing my face slowly.

I was eventually satisfied with all my results, nodding to myself.

I slipped on shoes, going downstairs slowly, seeing Nick on the couch by himself, focused to the tv.

I sat beside him, pulling him into a tight hug

"Morning" michael smiled as he entered the living room.

"Good morning" I spoke back, smiling to him.

We had the normal exchange of 'how was your night' conversations, which luckily never felt uncomfortable.

Soon all the guys were running around, appearing stressed, besides Luke.

"So I took off for today, so me, you and Nick are going to go to your old place, get your things, we'll come back here and basically get you both completed situated- then we will go to the hospital and do your shots" he explained slowly, making me nod- not honestly caring what we were doing.

Soon we told all the guys goodbye, getting nice replies before the three of us left in what I assumed was Luke's car.

I slowly told him where to turn and all of the directions.

We pulled up to the house, and surprisingly- he didn't say any bad comments.

He walked with us inside- Nick immediately letting out a happy scream, taking off running towards his room.

We didn't have much, but he still loved this house.

"Could you help him and I'll grab my things-" "of course" he immediately responded.

I quickly packed all of the things I wanted.

As I had just zipped my bag I looked to my bedside table, seeing my picture frame.

I grabbed the picture, seeing my mom, dad and I smiling in front of our Christmas tree

The memory made me smile.

I tucked the picture frame into my bag, knowing I needed that.

I looked to my room as I told myself I was done

"Thank you"

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