Chapter 8: Numbers

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She was actually doing this.

It was no longer something of the future.

But boy, was it a lot of work.
Alden, Della, Grady, Edaline, and Mr. Forkle had worked to recruit all different types of "warriors," per say.

Alden had made an alliance with King Dimitar, scoring them around 15 battle ready ogres.

Sophie glanced behind her.

There they stood, shamknivs and daggers in hand.

Edaline had gathered at least thirty gnomes who were more than willing to fight.

The gnomes were gathered to the right, surrounded by tactfully placed goblins.

Woltzer and Lovise were responsible for that.

Queen Hilda had agreed to send around thirty goblins to fight. They were professionally trained in combat and all had plenty of throwing stars and other weapons hidden from sight.

Other goblins had been sent to train the some odd sixty elves that had been gathered. Ro, Sandor, Bo, and Grizel had participated in that.

The ogres and goblins had taught them the basics. Some of them were already trained in self defense (much like Della), while others were able to use their abilities in combat.

The teachers from Exillium had come and prepared them to use things like telekinesis during a fight.

Sophie craned her neck.

Around sixty elves fanned out behind the ogres. They all looked grim, as if they knew this wasn't going to be all mallowmelt and alicorns.

Since Alden was an emissary, he had also gathered a group of around thirty dwarves. Currently, they were underground, but if the need for backup ever came up, they were ready.

On Sophie's direct right, Fitz grasped her hand.

Next to Fitz stood Dex, prepared as ever with new gadgets Tinker had helped him create.

On Sophie's left, Keefe ran a hand through his hair.

On Keefe's left was Biana. She was surveying the ground in front of them, waiting for a sign.

Mr. Forkle, Grady, and Edaline stood a few feet to the right.

Sophie's parents were hand in hand, obviously anxious for what was to come. She sent them a reassuring smile. She wasn't sure how reassuring it was, considering her stomach was front flipping and her grasp on Fitz's hand was cutting off circulation.

Grizel, Sandor, Woltzer, Lovise, Ro, Sandor, Tarina, and the other body guards were placed around Sophie and her friends on either side.

The rest of the Black Swan, mostly consisting of gnomes and dwarves, were positioned next to the ogres.

Each elf was armed with a melder, a variety of goblin throwing stars, and, of course, their abilities.

Sophie pulled her cloak tighter around her.

Only one thing was missing.

The Neverseen.

Fitz noticed her tension.

He leaned over and softly kissed her cheek.

It's all going to work out, he promised.

Sophie sighed. Fitz...I'm scared, she admitted.

He nodded. You have every right to be scared. Otherwise, I'd be concerned. He paused. You're taking a huge risk. But look around. We are all willing to take that risk. We're all behind you...I'm behind you.

Sophie smiled at that.

But her smile dropped as she realized one thing.

She didn't want to say goodbye.

But she was out of time.

They were here.

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I apologize for the shortness, next chapter should be longer. The next one is also in Fitz's third person POV.

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