🌏 Tips For Flying Like A Pro 🌏

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Hi! I'm Ginger_Apple101 😊

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Hi! I'm Ginger_Apple101 😊

And today I am going to talk about how to get the best experience out of flying. Because that's where all the adventure starts, right?

My family and I travel every year, going to different places around the world to experience new things, see new places and discover and learn about another culture.

I've been to Tokyo, Vancouver, Vernon, Silver Star, Kelowna, Tomamu, Perisher, Japan, Bali, New Zealand, Great Barrier Reef, Uluru and around British Columbia, and even further across the globe, and have been on over thirty planes in my entire teenage lifespan!

So I'm going to bring you some of my top tips for the most comfortable and enjoyable flight you can have! So I hope you enjoy, and hopefully learn something new...

Ginger Apple's Tips for Flying Like a Pro:

#1: Your Carry-On (AKA life support)

When people fly on International Flights, most people check-in their luggage and take their carry on onto the plane to be under their seat or in a storage compartment.

When you are on a plane for a long or short amount of time, there are some must-have things that you need to pack into your bag, as this bag is your lifeline for the trip.

When I've been flying overseas, some of the things that I've found extremely useful are;

· Chewing Gum:
Preferably Airways gum, as it unblocks your throat and nose for the plane so you can breathe easy and fly feeling refreshed.

· Earplugs:
Having the constant, ear-piercing screech of a plane engine in your ear at three in the morning isn't exactly the best comforting sound for sleep. Make sure to bring some earplugs so you can catch some Z's while you fly!

· Headphones:
These things are going to be your best friend on an aeroplane. These buddies will make sure you can stream, listen to music and sleep in peace. Also, as a bonus, everyone else on the plane has them too, so you don't have to worry about having to listen to noisy phones and laptops while you are travelling.

· Blanket:
Depending on where you're travelling to, you want to have a blanket with you. It can get cold on the plane, with the constant air conditioning, also the fact that you are like thirty-eight thousand feet in the air, and it's kind of chilly outside.

A few other things for your bag that will keep you feeling good throughout the day is;

·Chocolate Bars:

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