"I noticed you never touched me. You studied me but never once touched me." I swallow harshly. "You knew."


"You knew, so why didn't you confront me," he rolls his eyes at my words. Like he knows I'm stalling.

"I didn't know, I thought maybe, but I was scared." I tilt my head at his answer.

"So you had a right to be scared but I didn't."

"I never said that, I said you shouldn't have hid it from me." Bain states as he pinches the bridge of his nose.

"Navi I don't want to argue. I am not worried about the past anymore. I'm worried about now. And the future." I tilt my head at his words.

"Before we can even think to talk about it, about us, we have to make sure you are not in danger anymore." I breath in deeply. I couldn't, I'm not ready, hell I don't think I'll ever be ready to talk about it. I turn away from Bain and wrap my arms around myself, closing my eyes shut tightly.

"Navi, you have to tell us what happen to Chadum, I can not protect you if you don't tell me." Bain is angry, his voice tries to hide it but I can sense it. He is tired of the game he thinks he is playing.

"Bain I want to tell you, but I can't," I shake my head, my stomach turns at the thought of speaking the foul words of what happen.

"Dammit Navi! Tell me! Tell me right now!" I close my eyes tightly at his words as a small tear escapes my eye. The thought of Bain thinking I'm a monster struck such ache into my heart.

"Do you want him to come get you? Are you wanting to die! Why! Why can't you let me help you. Stop being so selfish!" Bain is yelling at me now. The word selfish takes my breath away.

My eyes snap open and I snap my body towards him.

"Selfish" I taste the bitter word on my tongue. I let it register in the air.

"Navi te-" I clench my hands into fists at his words.

"I killed him!" I finally cry out and immediately the damn breaks and I fall to my knees, my hands cover my face as sobs rack through my body.

"I-I killed hi-him Bain. I killed him." I shake my head as I continue to cover my face with my hands.

"I'm a monster, I'm a ruin, I'll ruin you Bain."

A gentle touch takes my hands away from my face, I look into red eyes that dance with sadness and angst, a hint of anger.

"I'm sorry Navi that you had to kill him, I'm sorry Navi that I couldn't protect you from that." A sob escapes my lips at his words as a memory of Chadums lifeless body pops into my head.

"But that doesn't change my feelings for you." Bain helps me to my feet, I take a step back as I shake my head, tears continue to steadily fall.

"I'll ruin your life Bain." I say in warning, as if to prove my point ice dances around my finger tips like lightning.

He looks into my eyes knowing he couldn't convince me otherwise. "I want you to ruin my life Navi."

The words fall from his lips gracefully. My eyes widen at them.

He continues "I want you to ruin everything, I want you to lose control and freeze everything and anything. I want you to randomly teleport and I want to come get you and enjoy whatever place you teleported to." He looks at me sternly as he takes a step to me. His body is pressed against mine.

"I want you to ruin everyone's idea of love. So you and I can build it back up to its raw meaning." His other hand finds my cheek as he looks down at me.

"Most importantly, I want you to ruin me." With those words he slams his lips on mine.

The kiss is long over due, its needy, filled with so many emotions. Pain, sadness.

My hand goes up into his hair, the other one on his neck. His hand goes to the back of my neck the other around my waist.

My back softly hits his bed, Bain never breaking the kiss. A moan leaves my lips causing Bain to growl In approval.

"Hey guys I finished the coo-oh OH okay okay! Get in there Bain! Get you some Navi!"

I gasp as both Bain and I snap our heads to see Fraiser with a plate of cookies. Riley is trying not to laugh and Daniel is jumping up and down fangirling.

A growl rumbles through Bain.

"Should I go get the video camera?" Fraiser laughs as Riley takes a cookie from the plate.

Another growl leaves Bain, louder than the first and they quickly shut the door.

Bain looks down at me with a slight smirk causing me to roll my eyes at him.

"We should probably go ahead and do what they already think we are doing," Bain states with a wink as his smirk grows. My blush deepens causing him to chuckle.

Thankfully he gets up off the bed pulling me with him.

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