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Kelly was bound to a chair wearing only a tank top and underwear. At least, the monsters had allowed her some modesty. Thick plastic zip ties tightly restrained her arms and legs. Struggling against them had resulted in deep cuts into her pale skin. There was zero chance for escape unless her captors freed her.

Her prison was a tiny room, barely ten feet to aside. The only furniture was her sturdy wooden chair. The concrete walls and floor were grey and bare. No windows. Only one door.

Limp dirty hair hung down to her chin. It hid her tears and her dread. Of which she had both in spades. Also, her ass was numb from sitting in this position for so long. Her limbs ached. And she had a splitting headache from crying herself dry.

She had no idea where she was or how she got here. The last thing she remembered was falling asleep in her hotel room with her son by her side. Poor Thomas. Her two jailors wouldn't answer any of her questions. By her best estimate, she'd been locked in here for six hours. Maybe more but probably less. She'd been offered no food and minimal water.

Thus, they had not been happy when she needed to urinate. She'd been allowed to pee in a bucket while one watched. Afterward, she returned to her chair, and fresh restraints were added tighter than before. She hadn't tried to escape during her brief bout of freedom. There was no point. The men were twice her size and utterly menacing. Besides, they came in one at a time while the other man must stay behind the locked door.

With nothing else to hope for, she prayed that she'd wake up from this nightmare with her little man still sleeping next to her. Cuddling him tight, she'd smell his hair while she ran a finger over his smooth cheek. This whole thing a bad dream to be quickly forgotten.

But it was not to be.

The door opened inward and the brown-haired guard entered the room. He slammed the heavy metal door behind him, causing the lone light bulb above her head to swing back and forth. Demonic shadows danced around her.

The men were nearly identical, tall and muscular with close-cropped hair and chiseled jaws. They looked like action heroes who'd spent time in the military. They weren't twins, but she'd be hard-pressed to tell them apart if not for the color of their hair, one brown and one jet black.

He removed the cap from a plastic water bottle and held it to her lips. She drank deeply until he pulled it away. Water dribbled down her chin. She did her best to wipe it off on her bare shoulder. He took a step back and stared down at her.

She asked him the same question she'd asked every time they'd entered her room.

"Why are you doing this?"

He reacted with a tiny smirk. It was the first time she'd gotten any response.

"Do you know who I am?"

He nodded.

Thank god, maybe he wasn't a killer robot.

"Do you know who my uncle is?"

He nodded again to her surprise.

"Then you know what he'll do to you when he finds you. Why don't you release me and he never has to find out."

The man shook his head.

"I don't know what you plan to do to me. But whatever it is, you'll regret it. There is no place that you can run that he won't find you."

He laughed.

"What's so funny?"

He pointed a finger at her. "You."

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