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Hi there, reader. I will warn you that Reckoning and the rest of the 'Redemption Series' is part of the Wattpad Paid Stories program. Yes. This means you will have to pay to finish each book, but I promise that you'll get to read a good portion of the story before you have to make that decision.

If you don't agree with the program. That's fine. There are still millions of stories available on Wattpad for you to read for free, please look at my reading lists for possible suggestions. Also, know that I did not come to the decision to join Paid easily, but after much thought, it's my belief that maybe with this new payment model, Wattpad can be the destination for authors instead of the road to somewhere else.

So, it's my hope that you'll read the free chapters in my story, and if you chose to support me by using free or purchased coins to finish, it will mean the world to me as I take the next step in my writing journey.

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