Chapter 9: Now

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July 2013
"Bye" He kisses her forehead as usual and she smiled waving him off before going back inside. Her luggage was all packed and she will be leaving for School next week as they agreed earlier on.

It has been Two weeks since they got back from their honeymoon and life has been busy for both of them.

She heard her phone ringing and saw Minal which she answered and chatted with her Sister for some time before ending the call after she told her she will be dropping in later.

Hayaat organized Hamma's room as it was her day and neatly packed away his clothes inside his wardrobe before going to her room where she organized it and made sure her main parlor was also clean.

She called out to her personal maid; Amina who came in and cleaned the house making sure all the rooms and parlors was sparkling while she took care of Hamma's room and toilet herself.

With a little help from Amina, She cleared the dining table where they had breakfast and started making Lunch because Hamma has already told her he will be back before Lunch time.

"Take care of the food and be checking up on it. I will quickly shower and come back" Hayaat informed and went to take a bath. She swiftly got dressed and went back to the kitchen to meet Minal handling the food and exchanged pleasantries with her.

They both prayed before setting the dinning table for lunch and Minal indulged Hayaat in a chat as they sat down in the parlor.

"Halima and her pregnancy ooo! I won't hear the end of it if I don't visit her" Minal ranted as they talked about Halima's Six month old pregnancy.

"Did you greet her?" Hayaat asked referring to Her co wife and Minal shakes her head saying she won't enter that part of the house.

Hayaat chuckled knowing she can't convince Minal otherwise and she suggested they watched a movie instead of just sitting down.

"Let me get Hamma's Netflix Account password" Hayaat beamed and went to his room where she picked the card that had his details on his sidebed and was coming downstairs when she bumped into her co wife.

"Are you blind?" She roared, her hands moving to her stomach and she glared at Hayaat who did Not reply her.

"Excuse me" Hayaat uttered and try to go downstairs when She blocked her path by standing in front of her.

"You can apologize and go"

"Apologize? for what"

"You bumped into me intentionally I am sure" Hayaat let out a hiss not in the mood to talk or argue with her and moved her out of the way when she yanked her back making her to miss a step but held on to the railings.

"Are you mad?" Hayaat snapped resisting the urge to slap her "Mind your business" This time around she pushed Her out of her way and it happened so fast she could not react to the situation.

All she could see was her Co wife tumbling down the stairs and laying in a pool of blood when she let out a loud yell which drew Minal's attention to the Stairs.

Everything went blurry for Hayaat as she dropped down the stairs regretting every pushing her out of the way.

She could hear Minal's panicked voice as she called Hamma and told him. She could see Hamma asking how it happened as he picked her up bridal style not minding the blood and they left, no one bothering to say a word to her.

She felt her head getting heavier as she walked to her room and slumped down before she could reach, blocking all her thoughts.

"Is she awake yet?"

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