Meet Glowstorm

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Hello my name is glowstorm. I'm a nightfury I live with my family I'm turning 21 tomorrow which means I'm able to leave the island and explore the lands 'I can't wait to see other drago-' I was cut short on my thought when I heard my mother Yell "Glow Come here!" I went to find her out side and when I saw her my eyes grew this happy look my mother had her egg the sad thing is that I wouldnt be able to it hatch because it takes about two to three days to hatch "Wow mom what are u going to call it if its a boy or girl?" I asked "I think if its a boy it'll be darkwing if its a girl it'll be cloud" She said and since my family are a bunch of Aztec nightfury we don't really leave our island often my mother Markings are a red color my are gold I'm one of the most rarest colorings and judgeing my the red ans gold colorings with the black the baby's going to black red and gold now that's rare.

Time skip tomorrow

YES I can leave now and explore now "Mother my I leave now?" I asked her "Yes you can but be careful of dragon trappers" she said "yes I will bye I see u when I get a mate!" I said then flew off

Time skip a few hours later

As I was flying around I heard someone yell "Nightfury!" I wiped around to see a ship and couldn't react fast enough to get out of the way of the net 'Crap!' I yelled in my mind as I hit the water I black out from the force
Its been a few hours since I've been in this cage and I'm getting restless and no one and I mean NO ONE wants to deal with a restless Aztec dragon that's when a guy came out of nowhere and yanked me out of my cage "okay now u will obey me!" He yelled at be and I growl not obeying him
Big mistake
He then hit me with his stick which hurt allot but I still didn't listen if u want to tame me you gotta be nice about it if not ha guess what you got no Aztec he cept hitting me tell a sharp pain went through my left eye I shout it to stop it from hurting they put me in the cage again

(Sorry more time skips)
Time skip two days later

Today the day my mothers egg was ment to hatch I couldnt see it because of these people
I was then jerked awake when the boat roaked I looked up to half see a dragon with two wings on one side? I think mom said it was called a stormcutter? Maybe then I whispered something "Help..." I don't think it went UN notice by the dragon because it ran up to me "Are you okay?!" The dragon said as he pulled my cage open I limped out and fell to the ground again I looked to see all of the other trapped dragons gone I was happy I tempted to fly but crack went through my wing and fell into the water and guess what I can't swim. Yay! The storm cutter got me out of the water then a human walked up to me "hello girl" she said and I backed up "D-dont come closer!" I said backing up and she stopped and took off her mask. IT WAS HER she was the one that saved my mother from a dragon trapper my mothers tail wing was cut she was token to their sanctuary I looked at her then slowly walked up to her and sniffed her hand. The lady examed the way I looked and looked surprised "my you look alot like shade." She said and I look up then started jumping around that was my mother the I looked up and shot a folded plasma blast its was the type that called my family that was close bye then I closed to the floor and blacked out. Yay!

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