The Trouble with Tessie

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(Left is Day 1; Right is Day 2)

Jasmine's POV

"I don't care if he annoys you, you need to be nice to him!"

This morning a little boy named Stuart snuck in and is paying Jessie to allow him to stay here while his parents are away. He's a weird kid, he has an obsession with Zuri and she does not like him at all. I would say it's similar to mine and Luke's relationship, but I actually like and care about Luke. He's one of my best friends.

We were eating breakfast and Zuri was refusing to eat if Stuart was present. He's not a bad kid, he just has a smart and quirky personality that doesn't attract Zuri.

"I sure they're not talking about you." Bertram smiles at Stuart.

Jessie walks in dragging a reluctant and irritated Zuri.

"Sit." Jessie demands and Zuri sits in her usual chair which is by Emma. Stuart was occupying the front chair because it was the only one left.

"Good morning, Zuri." Stuart greets her. "I was just speaking of our enchanting encounter in the lobby last week."

It wasn't that enchanting if I'm being honest.

"All I said was you had toilet paper stuck to your shoe." Zuri retorts an I snicker quietly.

"Yep, this guy's a catch!" Luke mutters to Ravi and I and I giggle.

"Real enchanting." I reply and Luke smiles.

"Zuri, may your relationship be as comfortable and strong, as the two-ply T.P. that stuck to Stuart's shoe." Ravi jokes causing Luke and I to laugh silently.

"We're not in a relationship. I'm way out of his league." Zuri remarks with a sassy tone.

"Zuri, a girl never says something like that." Jessie berates before leaning down to her level with a whisper tone. "We think it, but we don't say it."

Emma and I nod at Jessie's words.

"No, she's right. But a guy can dream." Stuart sighs before smirking at Zuri. "And I do."

I've heard that before and it came from Freckles's mouth.

"Aw, that's sweet." Jessie smiles. "Stuart, why don't you come to the park with Zuri and me?"

Zuri gawked at Jessie's words with disbelief and Stuart got excited.

"I'd love to! I'm gonna go get my playground pants!" Stuart chirps happily before running off.

"I can't believe you did that!" Zuri exclaims standing up. "It's on you if someone "accidentally" tumbles of the climbing wall!" She angrily storms off and I was about to take my plate but Luke picked up for me as he stands up and I gave him a friendly grin.

"Are you guys coming? We made need witnesses." Jessie replies nervously.

"No can do." Luke denies picking up Ravi's plate. "Jazzy, Ravi and I DVR'd Mixed Martial Arts Mania last night, and we're going to watch it, in the screening room."

It may surprise some people but I enjoy MMA. Luke got me into it and I wasn't opposed to watching, it's actually quite enjoyable to watch.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no!" Emma protests, quickly moving out of her chair. "Not so fast! Bertram and I are watching a Couture Cooking Marathon in there."

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