2. nice speech, new kid

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As I continued walking through the hallway, my mind drifted off to how do I get rid of Ji Young and my mom's crazy ass husband

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As I continued walking through the hallway, my mind drifted off to how do I get rid of Ji Young and my mom's crazy ass husband.

"Hey," I heard a feminine voice called before I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see a girl holding my wallet. "You dropped this," she smiled before returning it to me.

"Ah thank you."

"You must be the new girl, we're gonna be in the same class. My name is Ah Rae."

"I'm Soo-young."

Ah Rae is nice enough to keep me company and walk together with me to our class when the bell rang. Walking to class together she was telling me everything I need to know about each teachers and a few people from our class. Judging from her bag and her shoes, she must've been from a wealthy family as well.

Sitting down next to her, the class is slowly filled with other students and then lastly the teacher walked in.

"We got a new student today, she's a transferred student from America. Would you please stand up and introduce yourself?" the teacher asked me. Standing up in front of the class I stared at the students and noticed how all, I mean all of the guys basically eye raped me.

"Hello, my name is-" I was cut off when the door threw open and a guy with his loose tie and uniform untucked walk in carelessly. His glanced at me before walking to the seat behind me.

"Jeon Jungkook, late again?" The teacher shook his head.

"You're too early," he retorted making the whole class laugh. Simply ignoring his rude remark, the teacher told me to continue with my introduction. After doing so, I walked back to my seat next to Ah Rae leaning back on my seat.

As expected the class is boring as hell. Nearing the end of the class, our teacher passed out the class's quiz result.

"Highest score," he read it out loud. "Jeon Jungkook," he called out his name before the boy stood up from his seat behind me and went to the front to retrieve his paper result. His face remains flat as the class congratulated him.

I looked at Ah Rae to find her staring at Jungkook before shaking her head then look back forward. "Second place, Choi Ah Rae."

So these two are going to be my rivals. Interesting.

"That's really cool, congratulation," I congratulated Ah Rae but she didn't look too happy with her result. She then shoved her paper to her backpack with a scoff.


"Give up Ah Rae, you'll never top me," Jungkook snickered from behind me before he stood up from his seat and once again—carelessly walked out of the classroom. As soon as he stepped a foot outside the class, the bell rang indicating our class has ended.

"I fucking hate that guy," Ah Rae muttered under her breath before standing up. I chuckled following her outside.

"Oh come on, second place is good enough."

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