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We haven't met in person
Only interacting through written word
Your face I've never beholden
Somehow it's not absurd

How did we get connected?
Oh, that's right
Through social media
Reading a poem you penned

Your words struck a chord
It bridged a great chasm
You had no idea of the impact
They had upon my heart

It seems we share a common
People don't understand it
But that fact that you do
Makes life a little more bearable

I'd write to you everyday
But I don't want to wear out
My welcome
Unsure of how often to
Reach out
My fear is driving
You away

Please don't mistake this
For a romantic ideation
That is too shallow
For our connection

It surpasses the usual
In its perfect and true
For finding someone
Like you is
Rare at best

Think of it more as
A deep and brotherly
It can stand the test of

I'll always be here for you
Arms opened up wide
To shield you from a cruel world
From which you seek to hide

For in doing so I'll build
Your trust in me strong
I hope you'll be more
No pretenses needed
Nothing stated could ever
Be wrong

Even if by chance
You don't reciprocate
I don't fault you at all
It's your choice to make

Just know that I want
For you
To succeed, grow and thrive
All on your own terms
This is after all-
Your life

Thank you for our
Deep conversations
Thus far
My world a much
Better place

You have allowed me
To share glimpses into my
Tormented soul
Those brief, but
Moments have helped to make me

I will do as usual
Waiting a few days to
To you my current thoughts
Surging through my brain
Rending my heart
In the deep, tumultuous

Connected once again
All will feel

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