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Rejection....the most beautiful woman to ever grace heaven, hell and immortality of celestial beings was rejected.

Serene silver hair spilled on her shoulders, glowing, straight and thick waves falling to her waist. Her scarlet lips parted in shock, her dark blue eyes were showing nothing but fury.

“Are you seriously rejecting me, for a lowlife who isn't even born yet?” her screech bounced off the magnanimous violet pillars adorned with black pearls.

Innumerable glass chandeliers embellished the dark room with the radiance of the sun.

A throne was perched at the far end of the courtroom, on the elated ivory turf. Black roses laid on its path with their counterpart silver ones.

The man to reject the woman stood from the throne in all his mighty glory his leather black cloak trailing behind him.

Grey eyes lively like thousand moons shining together stared into her blue ones making her breathing shallow.

His chocolate hair with Amber streaks appeared to be softer than any silk, his chiseled features put all gods....each god combined to shame- The ruler of the Underworld, the supreme power wielder-King Hades.

His crimson lips curled into distaste. “Watch the way you talk about her.” his deep, cocoa rich voice filled with chilling anger distracted her but as soon as her mind registered his words her eyes filled with malice.

“Do you even know whom you have rejected?”

He did. He had said no to the moon goddess- Selene. The epitome of beauty, power and guardian of Wolves, the maker of Mates.

“I do, I know you better than anyone else Selene.” she stared at him. Her lips curved into a evil smirk.

Despite hatred running deep in her veins if there was one person she actually had to be Hades. She hated him but loved him at the same time.

“Nobody can understand you like I can Hades, nobody can love you more than me. Reject the bond, reject her."

The sky thundered, frost forming on the floor. Her eyes widened a fraction with the thunder inside those beautiful orbs making her flinch. He came closer, his jaw clenched hard.

"She will be my mate, woman, you like it or not."

“Warriors! Escort the moon goddess out of the gates of the Underworld and make sure she never returns.”

Two soldiers in armor and shield came forward stepping towards the infuriated female.

One hundred excruciating had taken her one hundred years to gain her powers, to enter the underworld and it took him one breath to threw her out.

Her mind swirled with blinding rage, this icy terrain never stayed at the same place in the cosmos, she had spent years of life finding it.

What if she can't have him this time, she will have him soon and there will be a time when he will call her himself...he will be her king, and she the ultimate queen of Supreme Underworld. If she can't stay here, he will,so will his terrain....forever.

“ I, Selene the creator of Mates, the moon herself curse you to be trapped in the underworld till a destined half rejects his mate, remember me King it will never will not be able to search for her. YOU WILL NEVER MEET HER! “

The werewolf wolves have ever rejected their soulmates, their other halves. It had never happened and it was more likely it will never happen in future also.....Hades was trapped, chained in these majestic walls. He will say yes to her, he will be forced to.

Those lethal words dripping with poison rang as the goddess disappeared into the air.

“She will find me Selene.” his eyes closed with the floor rumbling with his wrath. "And then.....I will find you."

19 years later

Black Moon Pack

Persephone's POV

Droplets of water fell from the oblivion. My soul was on fire, my peace taken, world turned upside down.

Every year the mating ceremony ignited hopes in werewolves across the globe. Like every other girl I had dreams of finding my beloved soulmate and then I found him.

'Mate' the Black moon Alpha growled as he approached my stoic form- Alpha Adrian. He pushed me into his strong hold, tingles erupted on my skin as my body went felt had felt wrong when I found out that he was my mate but the mate bond never didn't lie.

He was known to be vicious and cruel, killing rogues even if they were innocent and inflicting unspeakable torments. A monster I had received in place of a mate and my body screamed everytime he touched me.... repulsive....his touch was vile, it made me feel like a worthless prostitute.

My heart had screamed for me to move away from him, the way his eyes glazed over my body lustfully make my stomach hurl its contents.

I was a member of his pack from past ten years and I couldn't even count the number of deaths due to his maliciousness. I knew what that man was made up of and such creatures were not meant to be loved.

His lips curled into distaste when he took in my dirty clothes, being an orphan in his pack has his was not having enough food and the second was being pushed around like dirt, note my sarcasm.

“Go get yourself cleaned sweetheart.” he stroked my cheek softly but I couldn't help feeling go away, as I looked into his affectionate smile, I wanted to give this a chance, I didn't have a choice.

I didn't know but why the thought of giving Adrian a chance made my heart hurt.

You are mine Persephone

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