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"I didn't do anything"jordan says frustratedly.

"Nothing? We just saw you kiss that girl over there"Jessica says and points to the Bonnie girl.

"I didn't want to kiss her. I don't even know her!"jordan yells and pushes Alex away from her.

She runs away, trying to search for Olivia.

Alisa walks to Bonnie. "Did you do it?"she asks softly. Well, she thought she was being quiet, but Alex and Emily heard it.

"What? You planned this? Are you out of your mind?"Emily screams at Alisa.

Someone turns off the music. All the attention goes to the fighting teenagers. Lauren and the other parents come into sight, worried.

Emily doesn't notice, since she's still screaming things at Alisa.

"Can someone explain what's going on?"Lauren asks the teenagers.

"Uh"Alex eyes widen. She doesn't know if any of the parents know who it actually caused what happened at school. She doesn't know if she should tell it.

"Alisa had planned something. This girl over here kissed Jordan when Olivia saw it. Olivia ran away crying and Jordan ran after her"Valerie explains what happened really short.

"What? Alisa why would you do that?"Normani ask confused. She is the one sober.

"Oh that's not everything. Remember the big fight in school? Where a boy revealed y/n's secret in front of everyone. Well that boy is Alisa's boyfriend"Emily says and crosses her arms.

"What? Who is that boy?"Normani asks Alisa.

"Jack Simpson"Alisa mumbles and looks away. She doesn't dare to look anyone in the eyes. She knows this is all her fault.

"Ew the son of that no lips boy"Dinah slurs before she throws up on the Floor.

"Ew Dinah. My shoes"Camila whines and takes a step to the side.


"Olivia Wait!" Jordan yells when she sees the older girl walk up to her house.

"No, Jordan. Go away!"Olivia yells back while she tries to open the door.

"Cmon. I just wanna talk"Jordan says sadly as she stands a meter away from Olivia.

"I don't wanna talk to you. I don't wanna hear why you kissed someone else"Olivia screams frustrated. She huffs when she notices that she can't open the door with her trembling hands.

"But Liv, I didn't kiss her-"

"I don't care"Olivia screams. "I'm sorry, Jordan, but I don't wanna talk right now. I don't wanna see you and be reminded of what I saw minutes ago. Just go away, Jordan. We will talk later".

Jordan sighs sadly. She doesn't want to go away. She knows that if she goes away now, they aren't going to talk soon. Olivia probably doesn't want to see her anymore. She just wants to explain what really happened.

"Fine"Jordan whispers and walks away, wiping the tears out of her eyes.

She starts running. She doesn't know where she is going. She just wants to get away from here.

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