Chapter One

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Writer's note— Wow, uh, here's a new story! A bit unexpected but here I am writing another one. I guess mxm is kinda my thing now.

Trying something out with this, first story without magic. May or may not keep it up depending on how I feel. This story is about an anxiety ridden baker who just wants to find love, but unforeseen circumstances and his nerves keep getting in the way.


God, Jeremy always loved surprises he was going to be so excited. I looked at the small dining room table and the spread I'd made. Chicken noodle soup with a side of green beans, salad and assorted vegetables, steak, and home made mashed potatoes. I was more of a baker than a cook but Jeremy always said he loved my cooking.

—something like that, our protagonist is a bit of a cook, oof that looks appetizing

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—something like that, our protagonist is a bit of a cook, oof that looks appetizing. —

He was just coming over a cold and we hadn't seen each other in a week. I was excited for us to finally share an evening together.  He said he'd be home at 7pm and he'd come over to my place for dinner. Instead, I was surprising him at his place. I'd done the same thing to surprise Jeremy a few weeks before with a romantic dinner and he had loved it. He'd even said he wished I would surprise him more. He'd be home any minute now.

I heard the door begin to unlock and I got up excitedly from my seat, ready to surprise him. Clumsy as I was, I accidentally dropped a few dish towels, and I crept down to pick them up.

In my position I couldn't see the apartment door opening as Jeremy came in, but, I could hear it. There was a short hallway separating the kitchen and the entryway. Or at least that's what I expected. Jeremy had a habit of jingling his keys when he came home but instead I heard voices. Plural.

A pit formed in my stomach as I listened. To deep breathing the wet sounds of a couple making out. And then I heard Jeremy's moan and something in me broke. I wanted to cover my ears but it was like the sounds were seared into my brain.

I heard belt loops clinking and clothes beginning to hit the ground. All still in the entryway of the apartment.

They were really going to —

"Oh, fuck Anthony. I've been wanting this all week." Jeremy was talking loudly but he was always pretty loud when we were intimate. The next few words were even harder for me to hear than the obscene kissing. "Darius is so fucking annoying. Too fucking sentimental. God, I need to break up with him."

Then that meant this Anthony wasn't ,just a hook up. So, Jeremy had been with this guy, at the same time he was with me. "Jer, you know I don't give a damn about your boyfriend. This thing between us isn't supposed to be too complicated. It's just sex. Can we move along now?"

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