Break in

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Ocsars pov

It was easy, talking to Zsasz and relaxing. "I should make you a pie sometime then." I hum as I lean back into the plush chair. Zsasz nods excitedly, his eyes shining. "Apple with cinnamon?"

"Is apple pie apple pie without cinnamon?" I joke as my phone beeps. I blink as I pull it out, I was supposed to be cleaning uo before bed. "Its getting kinda late, I need to finish closing up." I sigh deeply, we got so wrapped up in talking I didnt notice 3 hours go by.

"Want me to stay til you're done?" Zsasz hums as he stands from his chair. "Its fine, it wont take me long after you leave. Just have to turn off all the lights and lock up." I let Zsasz help me up and we hug.

Zsasz's warmth lingers after he pulls away with a giddy expression. I blush when he ruffles my curly hair, his arm still around me. "You're a good egg, Oscar." He hums before leaving, my eyes following that booty.

He got a booty.

Only when the door chimes shut, do I see Victor had forgotten his jacket. I look out the glass windows, Zsasz's silhouette long gone. I stare at the garmet for a few moments, looking at the front door again before taking the material into my hands.

Now, if I buried my face into the fabric, breathing in his scent, thats my business and my business alone.


Or not.

I drop Zsasz's jacket as soon as I feel the cool barrel of a gun press against the back of my head. "Don't move." A gruff voice hisses, slightly muffled. The jacket hits the ground slightly heavier then one would expect, making me wish I had been more like my sister.

It isnt hard to assume theres some sort of weapon in that, but I couldn't use it even if I wanted to. The thought of harming someone made me sick, literally. I faint or vomit and cry its just a bad idea.

I hold my hands up, thankful that they werent shaking. I can hear more footsteps behind me, glass breaking, drawers opening. "Look, all the moneys in the register just don't hurt me."

Before I can finish, the cool barrel slams down on the back of my head and I drop to my knees as pain races through me. Why did I send everyone away?

A thick hand threads itself into my hair, yanking my head backwards and I try to lessen the strain on my neck as the lights blind me. The next few moments are a blur but glass shatters after a loud gunshot rings off, making me flinch and tense, prepared for the burning pain of a bullet hole.


The hand gripping me loosens and the man dropped over me, making me fall face first as two more shots ring out, bodies hitting the floor. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck." I mumble as I wiggle under the heavy man. Gagging and panicking, I focus on getting from under him, feeling bile rise when I glance at the fat man with a bullet hole leaking from his forehead.

All 3 out of 5 men had been shot in the head with frightening accuracy, they're bodies slumped. The last two remaining panic, trying to search for who shot their teammates. Blood rushing due to fight or flight and the throbbing pain make it hard to understand, and it doesn't help im mostly focusing on not puking thank you very much.

The front door opens, I watch as the two shout something at the dark figure, before a knife is tucked right into the one close to me. His body hits the ground with a fleshy thud and a second gun shot rings out, the last man is down.

I can't stop staring at my favorite cloud I had installed, it was soaked to the bone in blood and suddenly my bakery doesn't feel as safe as it had before. Zsasz rushes over to me but my head is swimming and my hands are shaking and I cant breathe.

I don't feel the floor before I passout, darkness closing in.

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