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"Wooh! Let's get the party started!"Dinah yells over excitedly.

After everyone heard about Lauren and Camila living together, Dinah had a great idea of throwing a party in Lauren's house, even though the owner of the house didn't know anything about it.

Dinah walks up to Lauren and wraps one arm around the green eyed woman. "It's great that you and Camila are finally together and living together. It's even like you have two children together. Ya know, with Jordan being your daughter and Emily is Camila's daughter".

"Dinah, I understand that you're happy for us and everything- but you didn't have to throw a party for that. Like we could have just went to eat somewhere together"Lauren sighs frustrated and rubs her forehead with her left hand.

She wasn't in the mood for a party. Yeah it was fun to hang out again, all together. But a party? She would have been fine if they just went to a restaurant or something. All she wanted to do on the first night Camila and Emily moved in here was: lay on the couch, cuddling with Camila and watch a movie with the two teenagers, like a real family. But no, Dinah had to ruin it with throwing a party. But once the black haired girl saw Camila having fun, her mood changed drastically. If Camz had fun, than maybe she should have fun too.

"I know-" Dinah interrupted the older girl's thoughts. "It's just... I really needed to have an excuse to drink for one night since everything that happened with Leah. And I thought that this was a good opportunity". 

Lauren feels guilty now. She knows that Dinah went through a rough time at the moment. Leah, who ran away from home. She knows that deep down Dinah blames herself for what has happened. "It's okay Dinah. By the way, we haven't partied in a long time".

Dinah smiles and starts cheering again. "Ooh Normani!"Dinah starts yelling and walks up to her wife.

Lauren sighs when she's, once again, left alone. She grabs another drink and enjoys herself.


All the teenagers, except Alisa of course, are having a great time. They are singing and dancing to the music. Talking with each other. Nobody thought about what happened days ago. Nobody thought about Alisa, even though she was on the party. She sat all alone in the corner. The others know they are being harsh on the girl. But what she did to Jordan was just wrong. And as long as Alisa stayed with Jack and didn't apologize to the others, they aren't planning on doing anything for her. They know that once she apologizes and explains why she did it, there was a small chance of forgiving her. But right know, nobody even looked at her. Well except for the adults of course. And a girl named Bonnie. No one knows who Bonnie is. Only Alisa knows her, since she's the one that invited her. 

Little did they know that Bonnie would be the one causing fights that night.

"Come dance with me?"Olivia asks Jordan while she pulls on her arm to the 'dance floor'. Literally, it was just Lauren's living room with some colored lights. 

"No, i'm sorry, but we've been dancing for like an hour and half now. It's getting exhausting"Jordan pants, still trying to catch her breath of all the dancing. The living room is full of people dancing close too each other. She doesn't understand how people could be in there for so long. She was there one minute and she already felt overwhelmed. She just stayed because Olivia and her friends where there having fun. She didn't want to miss out all the fun they had.

"Okay. I'm going to get something to drink. I'll be back soon"Olivia smiles and kisses Jordan quick before she leaves.

Jordan smiles to herself. She can't understand how she got so lucky. Sometimes she thinks that this is all a big dream and that once she wakes up Olivia and her friends would be gone. That she still would live alone with her mother in the house. No friends. No one to talk to. Sometimes she wonders that if she wouldn't be here, everyone still would live happily together. Leah wouldn't have ran away. Alisa wouldn't have fought with her friends. It's just felt like it was all her fault.

"Hi"a small brunette jumps out of nowhere right in front of her, scaring her.

"Hi? Do I know you?"Jordan asks confused. She hasn't seen this girl before.

"No, I don't think so. I'm Bonnie by the way"the girl introduces herself.

"I'm Jordan"She didn't know if the girl already knew her but she had a feeling that she had to introduce herself too.

"I know"Bonnie smiles and giggles. 

Jordan thought that there was something strange about this girl. She doesn't know what it was, but the girl gave her strange feelings.

Out of nowhere Bonnie wraps her arms around Jordan's neck, hugging her. Jordan wants to say that she prefer to not being touched by someone she barely knows, or not being touched by anyone in general but the girl smashes her lips against Jordan's.

"What the fuck, Jordan?"

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