45) "You, Me, The bed." Ⓡ (For Raven)

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Justin and you had fight last night, and you haven't spoken to each other, but you guys sure are in the mood for something. You were wearing some shorts, and a sleeveless top, as you stood in the kitchen making pancakes. 

You hear his footsteps, stomping down, and you become cautious. You smile at the thought of him, but frown back, thinking of what happened yesterday. It was just a little argument, that you guys had. He came into the kitchen, and scanned everywhere to find out what you were up to. 

As soon as he knew it, he came closer to you, slowly, and wrapped his inked arms around your waist. You felt good, but hey, you had to show him you were mad. He laid his head in your neck, breathing in your scent. He whispered "Raven baby" and his raspy morning voice did something to you. You never answered.

He immediately said it again, and you kept quiet again. He was frustrated, and he moved away from you. You looked at the way he walked, while he looked at you, and you couldn't help but feel goosebumps. (Look at the Media -->) 

He sat down at the couch, and you handed him his plate with pancakes. He placed them down by his side, and grabbed your hand. He pulled you hard, so you fell on top of him. "Ahh" you screamed, as you fell onto him. He whispered "I'm sorry babe, please talk to me." and He kissed your lips. He begged you for entrance, but you wouldn't give in. 

"Raven please?" He whispered once more, and you smirked, as you let him in. He smiled in the kiss and you felt it. He kissed you passionately, and you knew what was coming when you felt his member poke your thigh. He kissed your neck, as you sat in Indian style, with your legs wrapped around his torso. 

As he kissed you, he picked you up, and before you could process what was going on, you both were on the bed, making out. He managed to take your top off of you, and you did the same. You ran your hands on his chest, to feel what you missed a couple of hours ago. He didn't waste a second, and he ripped off your shorts, threw it somewhere in the room carelessly. 

His lower half, was grinding on you, making you whimper and yearn for the feeling he gives you. He kissed from your neck, to your jawline, agonizingly slowly. His hands were too, moving up to your sides. You felt his hands creep up to your back, swiftly unhooking your bra. He smirked, when you gasped, not knowing it had been long since it was off of you. 

He moved south, and his mouth was kissing your mounds. It was very passionate, rubbing one slowly with his palm, while lapping at another like a hungry baby at its mother. You ran your hands in his hair, slowly letting it all sink into you. 

He went further down, kissing everywhere he found skin. He slowly pulled down your undergarment, and threw it away. He nuzzled his face inbetween, as his hands separated your legs widely. He pecked your centre a couple of times, before gently licking your folds. Your grip on his body got tighter, as he moved further into you. 

His tongue was inside you, going all sides, and slapping the folds within you. It wasn't long until you moaned loudly, making him smirk, in turn the vibrations as a result sending you over the edge. His tongue was thrusting into quickly, and when you where close to your climax, you moaned louder. He knew what was going to come, and mumbled something into your core while pressing his finger against it, and that was it. You knew you let it go. 

 He smiled in success, and brought out his fingers. He came back up to you, and kissed your neck again. His hands were inbetween you, pushing your legs apart, keeping you ready for his next big move. His thumb, and index finger were working on you before he slipped himself into you, slowly. You felt yourself expanding, his member stretching out your walls. 

He came out, and went in again, so you get used to it quickly. After you adjusted to his size, he moved in and out of you quickly, hiding his face in the crook of your neck. His eyes were closed, his hands were on your sides, his hip kept colliding with yours every second.

You felt his breath on your neck, as you called out in pure pleasure. You were a whimpering mess underneath him, squirming and waiting for your release to come quickly. A few minutes later, a very familiar feeling formed at the pit of your stomach, and you felt woozy. His mouth was open in a perfect 'O' shape, but soon disappeared when you heard him say "Raven! Baby, I'm close-I'm gonna uh..". A split second later, you feel his release along with a loud groan, and you let yours go too. 

He laid down on top of you, not hard enough to crush you, but enough to keep you feeling warm and still loved. His hands were moving up and down your sides, while he kissed you randomly, just anywhere. "I'm sorry, babe, I love you" He cooed. You smirked and said "I love ya too, and you're forgiven." He sighed as said- "I love us, you know?" and he returned to kissing you again. 

"Us?" you asked, as your eye brows furrowed together. "Yep. Us." He said, and continued "You, Me, and the bed." You laughed at what he said, and pulled him closer to you. You couldn't help but get all blushy and flustered after it happened. Only if he knew what kind of massive effects he had on you.. right? 

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