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After that spill, she held me like she had never been held before.

I soon realized, she needed that human connection, she hasn't had that in years.

I held her body tightly, feeling her tuck her head into my shoulder.

She soon pulled away, rubbing her face gently.

"Come on, I'll get you some clothes and then we can go to my room and watch a movie." I spoke, seeing her nod.

I brought her to my room, giving her some of the smallest clothes I owned, which was still huge for her.

She went back to the guest room, showering and I waited, searching through the movies beside my tv.

As I pulled out a movie, she entered with the smallest smile on her mouth, the sweatpants I gave her tied at her waist, keeping them up.

I smiled to her, seeing her look to the movie in my hand.

"How's The Conjuring?" I questioned, seeing her eyebrows move together.

"Isn't that scary?" She asked.

I shrugged
"Are scary movies ever actually scary?"

So we started the movie- and it was pretty good.

We laid in my bed, she played with her fingers as she focused to the movie.

Every jump scare she jumped, which only made me laugh.

There was one point where the demon came on screen, and she completely turned her head, looking to me.

"Someone's not a fan of scary movies" I laughed out, seeing a smile creep onto her lips.

The movie ended and we both stayed laying down for a moment as the credits rolled onto the screen, making me look to her.

"I'm not a fan" she spoke out with a smile, making me laugh lightly.

"Let's put on something happy"

I picked out the Incredibles, putting that on, watching her focus to it once again.

As the movie was almost over I looked to her, seeing that she was asleep, completely covered and comfortable.

As I got up to go turn the tv off, Luke appeared in the doorway.

"She okay?" He asked, motioning to her.

"Yeah, we were just watching movies and she fell asleep" I spoke, seeing him nod.

"Want me to carry her to bed-" "I can do it, but I do want you guys to know that she thinks you guys hate her, you and Ashton have to be nicer to her, she made a mistake and she's aware of that- it's time to let it go" I spoke, moving to her side of the bed as he stayed silent.

I carefully picked her up, feeling her limp body fall into me.

I carried her to the guest room, covering her with Luke's assistance.

"She talked to you about everything-" "I walked in on her having an anxiety attack- the kid is exhausted mentally and physically, she never got a break before, we have to give her one." I spoke, seeing him nod slowly.

"I'll talk to her in the morning"

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