The task and Strangers

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Princess Eliza's POV

It was morning. I rosed up to my bed and greet the morning sunshine. Then someone knock on my door. Then I said " come in!" . It was one of my maids telling me that I was summoned by the kings order. " Okay I'll come" I said to the maid. She nods and went outside of my room.

Well the king himself needs me. I look at my window and I started to fix my hair and change my dress. I made my hair into a bun so no hair can tangle up when theres a mission.

I hope there is no problem...though..anyway I must go now. After I passes many rooms and upstairs. I am now at the throne room. Dad is sitting like a modest one's like the story I heard from my mother.

He leaned towards me and signed me to come.
I bowed down first and I sit besisde him. He started to ask me if I can join training. Though I don't have a problem with it cause I trained as an assasin secretly. Well I just say yes to him. he said something that caught my attention who was he talking about? Who am I going to meet I before the training starts?

I asked him about details. He said it was about uncle's son. His name was really long and probably older than me. Sheesh fairytales in his dreams. Knight? Eww.... I can do much better than him even he owns an estate. Although I am faking to what I say....towards him. Honestly I don't think this fiancé stuff isn't helping for the country. and everything went blah blah blah....

Anyway after all this stuff ugh... I just wanna go to my favorite room where u pick all the messages.
The room of call.

I asked my dad if I wanted to leave. Then he just let me. He doesn't care if I go there. When I got there I the headquarter management wants me to go in Lizgroth area two scepter three in other words the village of the east.

Hmmm.... seems familliar to me....
Anyway need to deliver this thing. When I look at the scroll it is also in the Weerd street. What a dope
Name for a village.

Time skip--------------------------------------------------------------->•
Now I am here. I have notice that the gate is big like our backdoor. Many folks are here and at the corner , bands playing music.

I was walking along the trail finding the exact person to give the mail. Anyway, no one will notice cause I disguises as a simple girl. Like my face looks like seven year old but I am actually eleven. Face of the advantage innocent. I guess? I looked up in the sky and the sun shine so bright though it doesn't hurt my eyes unlike everyone here.They hate contacts to the rays....

Another step to take I saw a man in cloak walking towards me. I looked around and at the corner of my eye I saw a boy walking to my direction. Is he even following me? I didn't even notice.

Then the man infront of me said "Miss are you looking for a person to hand the letters"

The second thought I remember that the description, should be a boy who's about  taller than me. His hair was a white. I don't know if he's one of the Albino type. I always wanted to see one.

" May I know your identity? Please reveal yourself?"

"But I am already" the man said. He's really showing his wide smile. His lip is really chapped and bloody.

" Well I was told not to reveal my identity Little girl"
He continued " I know you have it" his face started to look scary.

I started to look around and the boy behind me was gone. I went back to look upon his gaze to me.

" Sir. I must say that I should go now. Important things must be done. " I said

" Though am I not important? "

" if it was deliberate to your mind. Please rethink about it" I said it just to make it clear that I'm not in interested talking to him.

I walked out and started to look for the receiver geez...this making it harder many Xior is starting to roam around. I was in the front of Mr. Lawn. Buissness for Xior.

I went inside and take a sit for a minute. Then this boy appears in the front desk of the bartender. What is he really doing? Never mind I just have to rest a little. Geezz...I was walking for 2 hours.

3rd Pov

Eliza gaze back at the boy and thinking what is he up to and how come the cloak man appeared infront of him. While the boy talks to the bartender
the waiter whispered at him. Then the boy rosed up and look at her direction. He walked towards her.
His face was blank.

Many Xior Maidens blocked the boy's way. Eliza came to her sense that she was gazing to much at the boy and realize he was talking to many girls.
She said " what a chickboy well got to go" She stands up and started walking through the doors and left.
The boy asked the maiden that he should leave.

Eliza came back on track. She was very curious what's on the scroll. She look every direction accidentally one Xior bumped on her. The scroll fell on the ground it spins on the direction of the east. She picked up the scroll and look at the east. She spotted the HOST #2LzA Scept3. She realize it was the place shouting " ahah! I have spotted it!"

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