♕Night three - Part III: One Night Only♕

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The illicit version of truth or dare involved all the contestants in a circle as the military cheered them on. Yuzuko picked truth every time, hoping that the others were too drunk or high to notice that she wasn't doing any dares. Her luck ran out when Lavender raised her hand. 

"Hey, you've not done a dare yet." Lavender dragged Yuzuko into the centre of the ring. 

"I don't have to." She looked up at Sakura for reassurance. "I want another truth." 

Lavender marched towards her. "Come on, don't be a coward. You're the only one here who hasn't done a dare yet. You should do one." 

Yuzuko shrugged her shoulders. Who does she think she is? Just because Lavender "Unicorn" Knickers had 3 million subscribers on Youtube, it doesn't mean she had the right to boss her about. "You can't tell me what to do." 

Yuzuko could be just as feisty as her: she was called a citrus child for nothing. 

"I'll give you something all the guys want." Lavender pulled down her jeans and spread her legs. "I dare you to suck my cunt!" 

"Fuck off." Yuzuko walked away from the ring. Christian had pinned Lavender down before she could chase her. With Lavender out of the way, no one else forced her to do the dare nor did they stop her from dashing towards the stage where Sergeant Dust stood in front of velvet curtains. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, monkeys and bots, for one night...and one night only. Give a round of applause to their first show in 32 years..." The drums rolled in the background as the curtains behind him fell to reveal three women in pompous bridal gowns stacked with layers of glitter, butterflies and flowers. "Welcome Sia Bucks, Fanny Bru and Mariangela Primera. Together they are...Pussy*Pussy*Meow*Meow." 

For some reason, the military burst into dance. Out of all the dance styles they could have done, they chose to breakdance. It felt so out of place with the symphonic beats ripped off from the nineties. As angelic as Sia looked and sounded, Yuzuko could still see a monster. 

Robots gathered around the cliffs, claimed partners and danced serenades under the moonlight. Why were the robots dancing instead of trying to kill them as Sia so boldly claimed? The beach had to be the hidden sanctuary. It wasn't so much hidden now. 

The fact that the concert wasn't the strangest part of the concert disturbed Yuzuko. A lot of the contestants remained silent, even Todd who always had something to say had his mouth shut - partly due to having his tongue rammed in Lavender's mouth.

"Rós!" Yuzuko covered her nose. "What is that on your head?" 

"Oh, it's just a crown the monkeys made for me." 

"What is it made out of?" 

"Some thorns and shit." 

"Eh?" It explained the smell, but it didn't explain the wide smile. Her light locks of blonde hair would make anyone jealous. Seeing them all mudded up at the front made the fashion critic inside of Yuzuko rage. 

"You're so adorable." An alcoholic scent drove her head away when Rós hugged her. Her clothes and skin were damp with substances Yuzuko dreaded to think about. 

Yuzuko pushed Rós beside a tree. "Why are you so wet?" 

"I had a golden shower with Lavender. I would have liked it if she didn't smell so much." 

Yuzuko's face went pale. "I need to find Sakura!" 

"It's okay, you just need to sit down." Rós escorted her to a bench next to Aron. "Look after her for me babe!" 

"Sure!" Aron nodded. 

Yuzuko looked behind her and saw Bobby, Yanyu and Chang-Hoon also behind her. "So I guess this is the sober table?" 

Yanyu leaned over. "This is the table for normal people." 

Everyone on the beach looked like they were having a whale of a time with the vibrant music, swinging orchestras and dirty dancing. Even on the bench, the five of them were having a pleasant time chatting and socialising like normal human beings. 

Yuzuko dozed off during the conversation. Perhaps she could learn to love it there. A spot of rain brought her back to reality. The clouds darkened as the pine trees shook. The tides were rising. "We got to seek safety!" Yuzuko yelled. 

"What's up?" Yanyu asked. 

"I think there's a storm coming." 

400 robots remaining 

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