Chapter 23

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~Andy's POV~

The bell rang on for what felt like forever.

Once it finished I had packed up my stuff and started to leave.

But something stopped me...

Well, more of a someone...

She started to walk towards my table. I recognised her, but I don't know from where.

She was looking at something in particular and from following her line of sight, I knew exactly who she was.

She was looking at Rye. Of course she was. She was the girl from last night after all.

I rolled my eyes at her. She didn't see me do it if course. She was too engulfed with Rye.

It looked like hi didn't want to talk to her, but he seemed more comfortable with her than he was with me.

After realising I was staring, I left.

Walking out of the class I trued to ignore what they were saying. But god she was loud.

Once I was at the door, I looked back to Rye and the girl. She was flirting, I even I could see that from here. But Rye was having none of it.

I could see him trying to get away from her. Apart of me felt sorry for him. A part of me wanted to help. But I didn't know what to do.

He looked at me as I stood in the doorway. His eyes showed a need for help. But I didn't not know how to help him. So with a small reassuring smile, I left.

My next lesson was on the other side of the school. But I was glad that it was the last lesson of the day. I had English, and unlike some of my other subjects this year, I like this one.

English was interesting. I didn't like learning how to write, but I loved when we could write our own stuff. In it I could write my own lyrics to songs. I guess that was why I took English, because I could still work on music in another class.

Sadly, this class we had no free reign. We were learning about poetry and the authors of the poetry we were learning about. It was not fun at all.

I was unbelievably bored out of my brain.

So badly I wanted to distract myself. And my brain obliged, but not in the way I wanted.

I started to think about Rye. And how he was with that girl.

I saw that he wasn't happy and I regretted not going back and "saving" him.

But why should I? I hardly knew him. I had only just started at this school and we weren't friends at all.

But I should have, I know I should have.

I regret it now. Leaving him. I really regret it...

I like him...

I know I do...

I really like Rye...

I know that now...

I've accepted it.

The bell rang once again and I realised that I had done no work all lesson. Oops... I would have to make it up later.

But now I was making my way back to the dorm that I shared with Rye.

On the way back, I tried to think of what I would say to him, or if I would say anything to him at all.

But now I was standing outside my dorm room, with nothing on my mind to say...

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