Chapter 18: The Knight of The Round Table

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Red’s POV

The leather singed along with its putrid scent filling my nostrils as my sight turns into a deadly luminescent scarlet.

My fury blazed that with every punch, the large man took a step back. He lashed his sword out, nearly missing my gut and aimed his gun at me, but Snow was quicker, she blocked the bullet within milliseconds with her claymore as I leapt across a rock before my scorching knuckles connected with his jaw in a sick crunch.

He roared as he advanced his way to us with a rifle that is fully loaded. I quickly casted an enchantment and made replicas of me and Snow charging towards him as he went berserk and wasted his bullets on blank copies.

Snow groaned as she clutches her left shoulder. She got hit but this didn’t stop her from swiftly digging through his ribs with her sword and twisted it, making the masked man growl in pain.

I quickly put my hand on Snow’s blade and flowed energy into it. I can feel a warm surge of power from my arms being converted into heat to Snow’s claymore along with a sharp pain because of the blade cutting through my skin. Steam rose as the wound sizzled while I settled my right palm into his chest, digging slowly using fire. Snow gritted her teeth as she looks at the man before going slack and quickly pulled me away and her blade out. I resisted, but she held my arm in an iron grip.

“What’s wrong with you?” I exclaimed.


“Snow, let me go!”

The man staggered backwards and looks over Snow with a widened eye. He winced at the pain and removed his mask, revealing a bloody mouth with perfectly aligned teeth. Pain shot between my eyes as I staggered back. He seemed familiar, as if I saw him from somewhere distant in my memories.
Snow looked at him unbelievably as he scampered away into the woods. I was about to charge when Snow stopped and looked into my eyes in sincerity.

“What are you doing?! You’re letting him get away” I protested.

She was silent. Who was he? Is he one of her ex’s again?

“You got a lot of explaining to do” I said to her.

“I-I think you should be the one to e-explain what h-happened” A pained voice said as I turned around seeing Robin clutching his bloody head, resting on a boulder.

It only took me a second before I was beside him while Snow went to Ella who was lying on the grass limply. My mind buzzed in confusion and irritation as to where the pixies Goldy is. Snow said that she was just behind us before the ambush but I can’t find her anywhere right now.

“Snow, this doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook” I gave her a cold stare as her brows furrowed in indignation.

“Am I dead? I’m seeing a holy pixie” He grinned in a groaned voice, breathing raggedly. Even in the blink of death, he’s such a huge jerk.

“Shhh… stop talking, you’ll tire yourself out” I replied. I wiped his blood away and tucked his red matted dirty blond hair aside as my heart raced, trying to think all the possible things to preserve this elf’s life.

He needs to live.

My nervousness was added up to the point of breaking down when I saw Snow pulling Ella who was as pale as her, with limbs void of movement.

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