Your Important To Me

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You wake up in the morning you roll over and are surprised when you hear a noise. Looking over your shoulder you see Senku, normally he was awake and out of bed before you but today he had slept in. You get up to start work for the day but are stopped when Senku wraps his arms around your body preventing you from getting up.

"Where are you going?" he whines into your ear.

"Senku get off I need to go check the traps."

Senku doesn't move he keeps his arms around you, pulling you closer to his chest.

"I already told you, we are taking a break today and to start you are going to stay in bed for at least another hour it's only 9am."

"What are we supposed to do all day if we aren't working on anything?" you say trying to wiggle out of his arms making him only hold on tighter.

Your face gets red after realising how close Senku is, you feel his hot breath on your neck as his arms hold you against him tightly. You have never been this close to Senku and he's never acted like this before, you obviously had a crush on him but you always pushed those thoughts away because you assumed he didn't feel that way about you, or anyone for that matter. Your body is tense but you feel his arms loosen up. You sigh and relax into his arms enjoying the moment while it lasts as you slip back to sleep.

You wake up a few hours later and are disappointed when you realise Senku is no longer holding onto you, he has completely left the shelter and is sitting by the fire.

You walk over and sit next to him he smiles and hands you a bowl with various berries in it.

"You never answered me when I asked you what we are going to do today." You say spooning berries in your mouth.

"I have some ideas but you don't need to worry about it, you're supposed to be relaxing that's why I let you sleep in for so long."

You glanced at the sundial and see its already 2 pm.

"Oh my god why did you let me sleep for so long?" you say shocked you slept for 6 extra hours.

"You where obviously sleep-deprived, and you looked so peaceful I would have felt bad for disturbing you."

"Now come on sleeping beauty we are going somewhere and I'm ten billion per cent sure you'll like it." He says grabbing your hand to lead you away from the camp.

You blush at the thought of him calling you sleeping beauty, you were definitely looking into this way too much because it was a joke but it made you blush thinking he might actually think you are beautiful.

You kept asking him where he's taking you, it's not like there are many places to go, everything is just forest, but he would just shake his head and keep dragging you along.

You both finally reach a clearing in the trees and your mouth drops slightly at what you see in front of you. Senku had taken you to a beach, the sand was pure white and the view looked beautiful almost fake it was breath taking. Senku smirked, pleased with your reaction slipping a sack off his shoulder he pulled out a bathing suit-esque top and bottom for you to wear.

"I assumed if you wanted to go swimming going in naked was not going to be an option," he said handing you the clothes.

You turn bright red and run into the forest to change. The material was obviously not that of a bathing suit but at least your regular clothes wouldn't get wet and it would be less heavy when you went in the water.

As you emerge from the forest you felt your cheeks get red hot again as you watched Senku take his shirt off, he was not the most muscular boy you already knew that but his stomach was toned and flat, you stared in envy at the boy, you were mostly comfortable with your body but like anyone you still had parts you felt kinda self-conscious about. You look up and see Senkus red face, you had both caught each other staring.

"Are you coming in it's surprisingly warm," Senku says motioning for you to join him in the water.

"I'm coming wait for me!" you say running in after him.

You both would splash and soak in the water for a while until you got cold and went to sit in the sand, Senku following you a few minutes later.

You turn to Senku looking at his hair, it was still slightly damp the green at the tips a few shades darker than usual, but it was beginning to return to its usual position sticking straight up on his head except for the two bangs that actually followed the laws of physics and hung down in front of his eyes. As you looked at his long hair a devilish grin appeared on your face.

You lean on Senkus shoulder and with your cutest voice possible fluttering your eyelashes you say "Senkuuu~"

He sighs knowing that when you use that voice it always means your going to ask to do something he's not going to like "what is it?"

"Can I braid your hair?" you say "Pretty Please???" you flutter your eyelashes at him.

"A-absolutely not t-ten billion per cent no way!" he says getting flustered by your closeness and your question.

You keep leaning on him pushing yourself even more on him twirling a piece of his hair around your finger

"Pleaseee Senku~your hair is so much longer than mine."

He turns his head away from you to hide a blush forming on his face but says "fine but only because there's nobody to see me, and only this once, never again."

You squeal with excitement shocked he actually was going to let you do it. You sit behind him on your knees and detangle his hair with your fingers, he complains a bit but you pay him no mind, after his hair is as detangled as you can get with just your hands, you start to pull out sections of hair and weave them together, you sit for a while in silence as you braid. When you are finished you walk around to face Senku. You laugh at his mortified face but are pleased with the two french braids running down this head, stopping just above his shoulders.

Senku had to admit that was not as bad as he thought it was going to be, at first it was bad but when y/n got all the knots out it actually felt really nice having her run her hands through his hair. He would never admit it but it was quite pleasant and he hoped she might ask again one day, he would still turn her down but it wouldn't take much convincing to 'change his mind'.

The sun was beginning to set and you both sat on the sand the already beautiful scenery was made even more breathtaking as the reds, pinks, and oranges of the sunset reflected from the sky onto the water.

Senku nervously placed his arm around your shoulder and you lean your head on him you sat there watching the sunset.

"Thanks for everything Senku."

"Don't mention it, just looking out for you because your important to me."

Authors note

Thanks for reading guys hope it's ok I was kinda rushed I wanted to get one more chapter out because I'm leaving for a few weeks so I'm not sure if I'll be able to update at least for a week. So this chapter is a little less revised hope it's still decent not to many errors.

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